At Smart Wheel Canada we have a number of self-balancing electric scooters with beneficial, fun and customizable features. These features include, but are not limited to: power display, Bluetooth connection, LED lighting, all-terrain tires, waterproof, kinetic energy recovery, adjustable handle bars, removable shells and detachable batteries.


A personal and fan favourite continues to be the Bluetooth connection feature, which allows you to take your favourite tunes on-the-go with you without the hassle of headphones. Whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors, our high sound quality Bluetooth feature will be sure to accompany you.


Some of our products that enable this feature include: Smart Hoverboard S265, HX X1 Martell, and the Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet. Keep in mind this feature may vary depending on the wheel size and model. If you’re not sure which hoverboard is fit for you, our Smart Wheel Experts are always available to help.


If you're wondering how to pair your brand new hoverboard to any laptop or mobile device, here's how:


1.) Turn on your hoverboard. Your hoverboard should make a sound signifying that it on and Bluetooth compatible. 

2.) Turn on your mobile device and go to your settings.

3.) Turn on your Bluetooth and wait for your list of devices to populate.

4.) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select your scooter or hoverboard (Ex. HX BLUETOOTH) under discoverable devices. The name of your hoverboard may vary depending on the brand.

5.) With a simple beep, your hoverboard will signify that it is now connected.

6.) Open your music app and play your favourite tunes! Keep in mind that the volume is controlled by your mobile device.


Now, how simple was that? You’ll never have worry about forgetting your headphones ever again. Once your hoverboard is connected, it will stay connected for future use.


Happy riding!