In the top ranks of electric unicycles, enthusiasts will immediately think of the KingSong 18, Inmotion V10F, Ninebot Z10, or Gotway MSuper X. In today's blog we'll be comparing the KS18L to the IM V10F. They are both similar in their specs, but we'll break it down further by explaining their different ride styles. At this level of riding, an EUC is quite the investment, so we want to help choose what will work best for you. 

KingSong KS-18L 2000W / 1036WH Battery Electric Unicycle 

- Range of 95-105 Km per charge
- Top speed of 40-50 km/h
- Durable 18" Wheel
- 2000W Motor
- 1036WH Battery
- Superior riding quality
- In-machine fans to keep them cool, even on the longest of rides
- Maximum Gradibility: Around 35°
- 7 hrs charge time, double chargers 3.5 hrs
- 41.5 pounds
- Not top-heavy
- More stable at high speeds 
- Decent phone app


Selling Points: The KingSong 18L is a very quiet ride, and holds great power to tackle any rough terrain. The larger wheel also provides more stability during higher speeds but less when you are going slowly. The top speed begins at 40 km/h, but lets you unlock to 50 km/h after 200km ridden. There is also a speed setting within the KingSong App.  

Beyond the specs: The 18L battery is a bit larger than the V10F, meaning slightly more range. The 18L has very strong acceleration abilities. Very comfortable leg padding. Very little speed throttling. High quality trolley and motor disengage - The trolley is super robust and is now magnesium instead of plastic. Easy telescoping which locks in 3 different positions, all of which you can lift the wheel from while the machine is turned. Comes equipped with useful USB ports. The 18L has an excellent reputation of being remarkably easy to maneuver. 



 Inmotion V10F 2000W Electric Unicycle

- Top speed of 40km/h
- 89 -100km range
- 2000W Motor
- 960Wh Battery
- Sleek 16" Wheel
- Active Cooling System for high-performance internal components
- Maximum gradibility 30° angle
- IP55 weather resistance feature also provides the protection you need in any forecast.
- Weight: 45.4 lbs
- Top-heavy
- Less stable at top speeds
- 'carving' sensation while riding
- Reliable phone app

Selling points: The narrow profile means you can enjoy more control and comfort especially when mounting or dismounting. With its high-mounted pedals, tight maneuvering and deep carving just became effortless and without fear of the dreaded pedal-scrape.

Beyond the Specs: The V10F was engineered from the ground up to consider weight distribution, pedal-to-axle ratio, pedal height, overall body height, and the ultra-slim body width especially. You can mount and dismount with ease and stop & go in total comfort. Its high pedals give you incredible maneuverability and best-in-class turning radius without your pedals touching the ground. A bright headlamp, and its fully adjustable side LED lights ensure that you'll see and be seen on the road ahead when you want. Compatible with the new Inmotion App for iOS and Android, riders have access to live-stats, calibration, diagnostics, light customization, and much more. The V10F pedals are the largest in the industry, hence most comfortable in the business, but the grip on them is critiqued by some riders.  The Inmotion smartphone app is nifty and overall more reliable than KingSong's, but can be frustrating at times. It has high quality leg pads, although some taller riders complain about the shell being uncomfortable on longer rides. As far as speed throttling, the V10F currently speed throttles after ~70% battery.


What our customers are saying:

"KS18L speed is definitely on the fast side, most of the time I ride it under 45 km/h which is super fast. It can go up to 50 km/h after unlocking the wheel. I love everything about the wheel, it's high quality and it's safer than my Tesla due to larger wheel size and build quality. The only cons is its size, it's not as easy to carry to public transit but I can do that with my other wheels. So if you commute far, want a safer wheel, want high speed without using public transportation, then this is the wheel. If you need to carry the wheel to public transit with fast speed but don't care about safety, then go for a 16 inch like the Tesla."

- (Verified Buyer) VW from Richmond Hill on 11/23/2018

If you are still uncertain, you can check out the rest of KingSong or InMotion product lineups to learn more.