The future has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it. The craze sweeping the nation and the next generation of hovershoes are finally at Smart Wheel! The Inmotion Hovershoes X1’s… which you might want to call rocket shoes, are the newest addition to the Inmotion team.

These would have been the coolest things in the roller disco, but impressing everyone in 2018 will just have to do. InMotion's latest invention takes the concept of a hoverboard and splits it into two independent machines: one for each foot! It's a totally new experience that feels more like roller-skating with the freedom to zip around at will.

è Both shoes can charge at the same time!

è Easy to carry!

è Easy to learn in 5 minutes!

These rocket shoes weigh just 6 pounds, but pack a punch with a max speed and range of 11 kilometers. 3.5’’ wheels ensure a smooth ride, and on top of that it is waterproof! The portable belt design allows you to easily carry them around. The LED lights give a cool edge to them, but also tells the user its condition.  The professionally designed self-balancing system inside the shoes allows for better control and lets you turn quickly and pull off cool tricks! Don’t worry though, there is a handy anti-spin safety function and the full-metal casing allows for great durability.

Come on down the showroom and book your free test ride on some Hover Shoes!

And don’t forget about the rest of our great InMotion lineup!

Your Price: C$679.00

Item Number/SKU: IM-X1-BLK

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