Lately there have been reports of incidents involving the lithium battery exploding in Hover Board and Smart Board products. Let Smart Wheel Canada give you the lowdown on the latest reports and put your safety concerns at ease.

In general, exploding batteries are actually nothing new for consumer electronics. You may remember the infamous Samsung phone explosions, laptops, electric cars, and more have all had numerous reports of battery explosions. In most cases, the heat-sink system or cooling components included in the device are not enough to keep the operating at a safe temperature. In case of Smart Boards, the batteries are so large and powerful that the resulting fires can be large enough to leave a bigger impact.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain why and help you prevent that from happening to you as there are many other varying factors that could possibly be the reasons for above.

Non-standard plugs- Many of the boards that malfunctioned had been supplied with non-standard plugs (US Standard plugs) which do not contain fuses, causing the boards to overheat and explode/catch fire. The fires and/or explosions were often caused when people left the board charging overnight with the non-trustworthy devices. Smart Wheel Canada will never provide a customer with a non-standard charging device for this very reason.

To make sure your board is safe, you should check that both the charger fits comfortable in the plug and the packaging still has the CE mark. All of the boards that malfunctioned did not have these characteristics.

Low quality lithium-ion batteries- The boards that exploded all had batteries without over charge protection. This means if it is overcharged, it can explode and possibly cause a fire. Mainly, the components that keep these devices cool are not enough to keep the Hover board or Smart board at a safe temperature, resulting in the product exploding.

Another reason is fake or non-certified battery cells. In some cases low-end battery manufacturers sometimes uses used or incompatible battery cells that is highly dangerous.

Smart Wheel Canada takes the safety of its customers very seriously and endeavors to keep you and your family safe. Remember to always use Smart Wheel approved accessories and products with your Smart Board product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.