At Smart Wheel Canada, we carry a number of self-balancing electric scooters. Amongst kids and adults, the most popular mode of self-balancing transportation continues to be our two wheel self-balancing electric scooters, also known as our hoverboards. EpikGo hoverboards in particular, are durable and allow you to travel with no limits.


We are so excited to welcome the EpikGo brand, the newest addition to our Smart Wheel Canada Family. Coming all the way from Silicon Valley in California, the EpikGo team saw the need for new, innovative ways to travel around the world while living epically. You can now travel over grass, dirt, sand and water, while staying completely safe.


There are four different series of EpikGo’s: Classic, Premier, Sport and Sport Plus, however at Smart Wheel, we are currently only selling the Classic and Sport Plus models:



The Epikgo Classic comes in black, silver and rose gold. The EPIKGO Classic board pushes the boundaries with its new design, technology, and safety certifications. With their main concern being the safety and user experience of their customers, EpikGO did a complete overhaul focusing on the hardware and software within its boards, making the EPIKGO self-balance board 100% certified for safety.

·       Hovers smoothly over all terrains

·       Accelerates quicker than any board in its class

·       Travel for 10 miles on a single charge

·       Travel to your destination quickly, safely and in style

·       All EpikGo models are UL2272 Certified



The Epikgo Sport + is the quickest hoverboard on the market. The EPIKGO Sport Series contains a gyro-scopic motor that effortlessly adjusts to the simple movements of your weight, providing a flawless riding experience. With zero safety concern, simply drive your speed to the extreme with this powerful motorized board and enjoy the ride without limits.

·       Equipped with dual 400W motors 

·       Performance tires with a smooth tread design for increased steering response

·       UL 2272 Certified

·       Equipped with built- in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker to stream your favourite music

Pre-order yours today and receive $100 off. The product is guaranteed to arrive within 45 to 90 days.