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PU Leather Cover for S265C 6.5" Classic Hoverboard - "Lolli Knight"

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Hoverboard PU Leather Cover

Are you upset about scratches on your Hoverboard / Smart Balancing Scooter? or Just looking to change looks and colour of your board?

Lolli Knight PU Leather Protection Cover is exclusively designed by Lollitech and distributed by Smart Wheel Canada to solve scratch and colour problems for the scooters.

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  • Keep your scooter safe from scratch, dust and water spills
  • Change Colour of the Scooter easily!
  • Just take 2 seconds to put on the scooter and remove.


Size: 6.5 inches Classic S265C Series

Available Color: Black, Black /Brown, Red, Blue

Material: Durable PU Leather

Feature: Scratch Resistant, Dust Proof, Water Resistant, Durable

Box Size: (L)12.5in X (W) 9in x (H) 4.5in

Weight: 0.455KG (including box)

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