The Airwheel M3 is our self-balancing electric skateboard. The M3 was built to present a similar exciting riding experience as a classical skateboard with convenience, technology and adults in mind. With a simple glide on its handhold wireless remote controller, you can accelerate, decelerate, break or move backward. Much like an ordinary skateboard or any of our other self-balancing electric scooters, you control the direction of the M3 with your body weight to turn left or right.


What makes the M3 different from an ordinary street skateboard?


·      The M3 is electric powered. There is no kick-push to start.

·      The M3 can stay at a constant fast speed (12.5 miles) for a long range.

·      The M3 comes with a Sony Lithium-ion battery which is able to fully change in an hour.

·      The M3 has 4.5” all-terrain rubber tires, which limits flexibility for tricks, but makes it more practical in various road conditions (even downhill).

·      The M3 is lightweight (25 lbs) and can support riders up to 220 lbs.

·      The M3 is skid proof.

·      The M3 is very durable.

·      Each deck is handcrafted and made to last a very long time.

·      With its remarkable shock absorbers, the M3 is responsive to bumps.

·      The M3 was designed to allow customization, from deck, wheels and motors (DIY).

·      You can connect the M3 to any smartphone by simply downloading the Airwheel app to view its power level, temperature, speed, etc.

·      The M3 is made for teenagers and adults.

·      The M3 is Bluetooth enabled which allows you to bring your favourite music on-the-go with you.


Enjoy a safe, sturdy and comfortable ride with the Airwheel M3. If you’re not sure if the M3 is for you, drop by our experience centre in Burlington to test ride!