Winter has finally wrapped up and we have the summer months to look forward to. Your hoverboard has been locked away in the darkest etches of your closet but now is the time to take out this intelligent machine with its sleek, shiny exterior and deep tread tires for a ride. Before you do so, keep the following tips in mind for maintaining your hoverboard in pristine condition. 

Check your hoverboard's battery before you use it. If it has a low battery, charge it right away. Always maintain your battery in its happy medium (80% to 100%). Your hoverboard will warn you if its battery falls below 20% and under 15%, a low battery sign will appear. This is when you must charge it. Batteries take about 1.5 - 3 hours to fully charge. Remember to not overcharge the battery as this can weaken its life.

While most hoverboards require hard flat surfaces to ride on, some of the new hoverboard are capable of going on grass, and even snow. Remember to always keep your hoverboard clean and free of residues of salt and dirt. When cleaning it make sure it is unplugged from an electric source and powered off. Then use a soft damp cloth to clean the exterior. Check between the wheels and the body to remove any lint or debris. Avoid using any strong chemicals- soap or detergent diluted in water can be used with a brush to clean tires, and prevent water from going inside the wheel hub motors. It's preferable to use tire cleaners. 

Protect your hoverboard from dust, dirt, cold weather, and moisture while storing. A case or a cover can be used. If you're storing for a long period, always charge your hoverboard as it discharges over time and it will need recharging, on average, every 2 months. 

Hoverboards have sophisticated electrical and mechanical components so it's best to acquire the help of experts. Keep in mind that many retail stores may not have full knowledge of hoverboards as it could be one of the many items offered by them, with limited or no after sales services. It is recommended that you contact certified hoverboard dealers or service centers to ensure quality service. 

These above tips also applies to other or similar types of electric devices / scooters.

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