The long awaited UL 2272 certificate has just been issues for the Self Balancing Scooter, including Hoverboards. But what does this mean? This means that the electrical systems of these devices (that we currently sell at Smart Wheel Canada) have completed a construction evaluation, safety testing, and they comply with UL 2272's marking, labelling, and user instruction requirements.

Keep in mind that this certification only matters if you follow our instructions (Want to learn to ride? Click for more information here.)

It is important to know that majority of Hoverboards still on the market are not UL 2272 certified, in fact they even do not carry any UL certification for Batteries and Chargers. Many sellers are not aware of this due to lack of knowledge in the industry.

Some sellers are currently liquidating surplus Hoverboards available in Canada, especially in the Toronto market, before the UL 2272 certified Hoverboards enter the market. Because of that sometimes they are able to offer very low prices, which is oftentimes appealing to customers.

We encourage all buyers to verify that you receive a proper UL Charger, UL Battery and ensure that seller can provide you proper warranty and local support for the products. Due to higher weight of the boards and Lithium Batteries considered as dangerous goods, it is not convenient to send your units back to USA, China or other parts of the world for repair or warranty services. So you need someone to be able to support your product locally.

Smart Wheel Canada is the first Company to offer first batch of UL2272 certified Hoverboards in August of 2016. Until then, as always promised, we deliver all Hoverboards with UL Certified Chargers, "A" Grade UL Certified Battery Cells and 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Please read more Safety Tips more information about UL2272 at