Electric Scooters have taken the world by storm. And why not? Unlike cars, trains, and bikes, scooters are compact, light-weight, and portable. With rapid advances in technology these seemingly small machines are becoming faster and faster. And best of all, they are eco-friendly! 

There is no doubt you need to add a scooter to your life right away but with so many brands and even more features, selecting the right model for yourself can be intimidating. For this blog, our experts have selected Ninebot Segway as the most widely acceptable brand for e-scooters and short-listed three models for you to pick from, so you’re one step closer to getting your dream e-scooter!

This foldable light weight state-of-the-art kick scooter is an ideal choice for city-based commuters, college co-eds, and teenagers on the move. ES1 can reach a top speed of 20 km/h speed, and a maximum range of 25 km. Plus its cruise control option, anti-lock mechanical and electrical brake and front wheel shock absorption with large diameter tires ensure a safe and comfortable ride. With a total weight of 11.3 kg, the ES1 can be easily carried one-handed, making it the perfect lightweight travel companion. And when you’re not using the scooter, simply use the one-push folding system to easily fold, carry and store the scooter. 

However, the ES1 lacks a rear shock absorber found in ES2 and ES4 as well as ambient lights – only a rear reflector is available.

Price: CAD $747

The ES2 takes the ES1 a step further with its more powerful motor of 700W Max. With ES2 you can ride this 12.5 kg scooter at a top speed of 25 km/h and cover a max distance of 25 km. Unlike ES1, it has both front and rear shock absorbers and solid tires for a smooth ride. In addition, ES2’s customizable ambient and rear lights are not only fun but allows riders to be seen in low light. 

The ES2 shares the same cruise control, one-click folding mechanism, and smart battery management system of the ES1. 

Price: CAD $897

The ES4 gives the ES2 an extra oomph by delivering more speed and enhanced range while still being foldable, light, and portable. Equipped with a 374 W smart battery, you can now cruise at up to 30 km/h for up to 45 km. However, this makes the ES4 slightly heavier (14 kg), requiring twice as much time to charge unlike the ES1 and ES2. If you’re looking to get Ninebot’s hi-tech cruise control system, front and rear shock absorbers, and visually appealing ambient and rear light but with an extra edge, then the ES4 is meant for you. 

Price: CAD $1099

The Ninebot offers high quality, and safe electric scooters suitable for most riders. While the ES1 and ES2 are perfect for a comfortable short ride (approximately 16-20 km), the ES4 will give a longer range and an even more powerful ride. 

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