E Unicycles (EUC)

E Unicycles (EUC)

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    KingSong KS 16XS Buy KingSong KS 16XS in Canada
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    KingSong KS 16XS 2200W Electric Unicycle (EUC) 777WH Battery - Black


    Sale: $1,999.00
    KingSong KS 16XS Electric Unicycle The KingSong KS-16XS electric unicycle is a short-range, high-power 16-inch-wide wheel electric unicycle and is equipped with a 777Wh Li-ion battery (which is slightly smaller than its base model) and a 2200 W rated...
    Top Speed*:
    ~ 50 km/h (31 mph)
    Max Range*:
    ~ 80 kms (49 mi)
    23.5 kgs (51.8 lbs)
    Max Load:
    120 kgs (265 lbs)
    Max Grade:
    35 Deg
    Tire Size:
    16 x 3 in
    Sale: $1,999.00
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    Sale: $1,999.00
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Motorized Unicycles & Electric Unicycles

We understand how important your personal transport device is. From getting to work on time to making your next appointment, you need long-lasting and durable equipment. Our electric unicycles are self-balancing personal transporters with a single wheel attached. The rider controls the speed by leaning forward or backward and steers by twisting the unit using only their feet. The self-balancing mechanism in EUC’s use gyroscopes and accelerometers in a similar way to that used by the Segway PT. We know that quality means everything in this industry; that’s why we carry only the top brands and models! The motorized unicycle is a self-balancing personal transporter with a single wheel. They’re great for everyone, from commuters to adventure seekers, and all that are in between. Our electric Onewheels and motorized unicycles for sale, feature a self-balancing mechanism which uses gyroscopes and accelerometers in a similar way to that used by the Segway PT. Please contact our team with questions, and shop from an exceptional selection of high-tech e-unicycles at Smart Wheel today.