Do you love going for walks but can’t stand for a longer period of time? The Airwheel A6S 520WH Electric Smart Wheel Chair - Self Balancing Sit-on Scooter is designed for those who still enjoy the freedom of mobility. Instead of a joystick, it acts more like a Segway for linear movement - Using your center of gravity is what makes the machine move forward or backwards. There is still a joystick which is used to turn left or right. However, with this technology, the user is able to turn on a minimal radius. Because the user is in control of speed, the machine is able to go faster than traditional wheelchairs (12 km/h). This world’s first front sitting chair on Self Balancing Technology is an answer for many people who are not old enough to need a full wheel chair or have bad circumstances to limit their mobility. 


Cutting Edge Features

  • The maximum weight is approximately ~200 pounds, (90 kg) and does approximately 40-60 km kilometers on one charge
  • Comfortable padding - The breathable material cushion and seat padding is easy to clean and and water repellent 
  • The pivot joystick can be placed on the right or left side according to riders’ needs and offers an LED display
  • Intelligent lighting design - The embedded headlight will illuminate dark environments to ensure a safe ride. The rear taillight also lights up when reversing to alert nearby vehicles and passersby.
  • The A6S is water-resistant and can handle multiple terrains from gravel, snow, mud, water and grass. 
  • The app control allows you to increase or decrease speed settings. The app also allows you to adjust the angle of the AirWheel A6S to suit your center of gravity while sitting, which is important because it affects the capabilities of the device
  • The high quality 14" wheels with special tread have excellent grip and nonslip performance allowing A6S to conquer various road conditions.
  • The A6S is made with magnesium aluminum alloy frame which makes it light and thin

  • Intuitive kick-stand system

  • .8m2 folded size

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