How to trade-in your existing ride?
Smart Wheel Canada offers a unique electric ride trade program which is first of its kind in Canada.

Its Easy!

Step 1- Visit our store or ship your product to us: Bring or send your device, plus any manuals, accessories and packaging to get it appraised. As long as your device is in working condition and is with in 2 years for purchase you will qualify for trade in* (*Certain conditions apply, some devices/brands may not be accepted as trade in, please inquire from the store first if you need details).
Step 2- Get your device Appraised for Trade in Value: We’ll estimate the value of your device based on brand, model, mileage and condition. This can only be done once we physically see / test ride your device. We may need in depth testing / inspection as needed to get you the fair Market Value.
Step 3- Get instant store credit: You can use this credit to purchase any other device from our store. Easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I trade in my Product, it just works fine?
Well! It could be any reason, to get a new model, to get better specs, your situation changed and you need longer range product, you want to try a different device, the product is not up to your expectation and much more. Whatever the reason is we are here to help you get moving and we take away the hassle of selling your old devices and long waiting.
What store(s) can I bring my device into?
You can bring your device personally to Burlington, Ontario store. Alternatively you can ship the product to us. In this case we suggest you speak to our staff and get a ball park over the phone before sending your product and make arrangements before hand. Dealer locations are excluded from this Program and they may run their own programs independently.
Can I trade in if I originally bought from elsewhere?
As long as the product falls under our product line up or brands we carry as well as meet all qualification as per our Trade in policy, we can accept trades on products purchased elsewhere. However, this may impact slightly on valuation of the product.
Do I need to bring accessories, manuals or packaging?
Yes, if you bring your product without with accessories, manuals or packaging it may impact the value of your trade in.
How is the value of my device determined?
The age, condition and the original accessories /packaging included will affect the trade in value of your ride. Smart Wheel's experience and knowledgeable team will evaluate your device and provide a competitive offer based on Fair Market Value.
Why my device has to be within 2 years?
Smart Wheel inspects all traded products and after quality inspections or necessary upgrades / repairs it will be either recycled or sold as used device. Based on general life of these devices we need to ensure that the second user have some life left in their used purchases. When the device is too old it will need new batteries, tires, and other components and it usually cost more to repair and recycle and therefore is not accepted as trade in.

What you need to know

Smart Wheel Canada reserves the right to refuse any Trade-In for any reason. You must be at least 19 years of age with a valid government-issued photo ID. Smart Wheel is required by law to collect and record additional information as necessary. The information collected by Smart Wheel during any Trade-In transaction may be communicated to law enforcement authorities for law enforcement purposes. The product must be in good working condition, an intact serial number and be within 2 years of purchase. Not all products are eligible for Trade-In. The condition of the product and available documentation and accessories may affect the estimate. Trade-In value may depend on our evaluation of a number of factors, including condition, product age and specifications, documentation, resale value, etc. Trade-In estimates are subject to change and therefore they are only valid at time of estimate inquiry. You are responsible for remove any personal items or add on or accessories before providing the product for evaluation. Your Trade in offer is only usable as in store credit and is not redeemable for cash. Trade-In transactions are irreversible and can not be claimed back. For more details, speak to our staff at 1.888.407.4997.