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Unfolding the adventures of an affordable and environment-friendly ride, the leading manufacturer of the most reliable and durable e-scooters, Zero is serving its customers with the latest innovations in terms of high-quality electric scooters. Zero Canada has innovated a range of high-performance, eco-friendly, portable, and the longest range e-scooters in the market at affordable prices. Zero electric scooters like Zero 8x scooter, Zero 10X electric scooter and Zero 11X electric scooter, are the perfect mix of technology and creativity, to provide high speed and comfortable riding experiences to our riders. The advanced display incorporated in these e-scooters delivers real-time updates of speed, trip time, backlight, and battery level, to support you all along the trip. Their solid built, hydraulic suspension and easily foldable mechanism make them the perfect choice for all kinds of riders befitting day-to-day commuting and off-road riding. Buy the exclusive series of Zero e-scooters available in different designs, styles, and speed ranges, from Smartwheel at affordable prices. Also, get a one-stop solution for renovating your old Zero scooters with the smart collection of original replacement parts from the brand. Pick up your favorite riding pro from the nearest store or get an online delivery to your doorstep. Zoom like a pro with Smartwheel!


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