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VSETT manufactures electric scooters with the orientation of giving excellence, dependability, and unmatchable performance to customers. To add pleasure to the experience of customers, all ranges of the brand like VSETT 11+, VSETT 10+ Canada, and VSETT 8 Canada, are facilitated with IP54 water-resistant built. The rechargeable batteries of VSETT electric scooters are having huge capacity, facilitating miles of high-power riding in a single charge. The perfectly engineered hydraulic brakes with disks give maximum stopping power to the electric scooter. The mode of mobility can be switched from single motor to dual motor, the former for range and the latter for speed and power as required. The on-road adventure facilitated by VSETT e-scooters evades all the boredom of your daily commuting and street riding. All PEVs of VSETT like VSETT 9 and VSETT 10 Canada, are enabled with a smart NFC key card lock, securing your ride. Moreover, the solid, compact, and foldable build of these electric scooters enable easy handling and high portability. Buy one of your choices from the unique collection of VSETT scooters and become a confident riding pro!


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