SmartCare Protection

SmartCare Protection Plan

SmartCare protection plan is an added peace of mind protection offered and backed by Smartwheel Canada in case you need an extra layer of protection with your purchase. As more and more riders with different demanding needs are adopting new ways of travelling with our E-rides, we believe demanding needs deserves creative solutions. Our SmartCare Plans are first step to introduce what is most important to demanding riders.

SmartCare protection eliminates the need to contact manufacturers for your aftersales support and warranty services. We have also added extended coverages compared to basic warranty from the manufacturers.

SmartCare Protection primarily is available for select brands and products and later will be rolled out throughout our product lineup. Protect your purchase today!



Manufacturer Warranty vs SmartCare Protection 


MFG Warranty

smartcareprotection-icon-png.png SmartCare

Parts Coverage 30 days to 1 Year, shipping required  1 Year & we cover shipping from the manufacturer
Battery Coverage 6 Months Maximum 1 Year
Labor Coverage None or usually 30 days 1 Year
Shipping Coverage None or usually 1-Way Return 2-Way
Claim Processing Normal Priority
Replacement None Yes, if we can't fix it we will replace it right away.
Approval Manufacturer approval required and is time consuming SmartCare makes the decision on Warranty
Transfer of Warranty None Yes, can transfer to new owner


Plan Options


✓ No deductibles

✓ No hidden or additional fees

✓ Fast and easy claims process, If we can't fix it we will replace it

✓ 1 Year comprehensive Parts and labour included

✓ 2-way shipping included

✓ Refundable wiht in 30 days of puchase (if no claim is made)

✓ Fully transferable to new owners.

✓ Plan is inclusive if the manufacturer's warranty and start from delivery date


 Terms and Conditions

In this SmartCare Protection Plan ("Plan"), "we", "us", and "our" refers to Smart Wheel Canada Inc. (Smartwheel) and "you" and "your" refers to purchaser of the plan. By purchasing this SmartCare Protection, you understand this is a legal contract and you acknowledge that you have read, and you accept, these terms and conditions.
  1. Plan coverage: In order to maintain the operating conditions of the product covered by this plan, we will, at our option will provide parts, labor and shipping services to repair the product, provided the product has failed during the plan's term and the failure is not a direct or indirect result of user related negligence, misuse or accidental issue. We will provide the replacement product, or issue store credit for the same value of the selling price of the original product. Due to technological advances, the selling price of the replacement product may be different, product may be discontinued or has upgraded models, our ability replace the same product may be limited and we may choose to offer alternative products.
  2. Scope of Service: Due to the nature of the products being used for transportation, we perform physical assessment on all repairs to ensure the failure is within the scope of the Service and not caused by the rider or due to an accident. Smartwheel's decision on each claim processing will be considered final.
  3. Product Eligibility: The Plan only covers the products purchased directly from Smartwheel, for which you have paid the correct Plan purchase price. this Plan only covers main Electrical Scooter Products and not parts, accessories or any other attachments.
  4. Manufacturer's Responsibility: Manufacturer must provide parts and technical resources for us to repair the products in all cases. This Plan's extended period coverage and services offered by Smartwheel are inclusive of Manufacturer's original warranty. There may be occasions where manufacturer is no longer in business or unable to support the parts for our SmartCare Protection Plan, then in this case we will refund the amount of the SmartCare plan cost to you.
  5. Term of the plan: The term of this plan begins when product is received by customer or when product is delivered to customer via shipping.
  6. Replacement: If we decide the original product cannot be repaired and issue a replacement, the original product and any parts, or accessories replaced under the Plan becomes the property of Smartwhel and must be returned to us before proceeding with the replacement or store credit. Replacement is only offered as one-time replacement and any subsequent claims will be treated as normal repair process. If store credit is issued, this Plan will be considered null and voided after issuing credits.
  7. Claim: Each Plan allows up to processing of 3 Claims during the term of the Plan. Any claims after that will be assessed on case to case basis and may be subject to charges service, parts and shipping.
  8. How to obtain Service: If your product fails due to natural working reasons, please contact us. We will make arrangements with you to bring product back to us. In some cases you may need to ship the product to our Service Center. Under this plan since we cover the cost of 2-way shipping, we will provide the return label with instructions. You must keep the original packaging as Smartwheel will not provide the packaging to return the product due to the nature of the product, size, weight and Dangerous Goods category.
  9. Service Timeline: We will try to complete service as quickly as possible as priority service, but we are not responsible for delays beyond our control. We maintain good inventory of the common parts however, due to the nature of our business most parts are sourced by overseas companies and manufacturers which may cause unnecessary delays.
  10. Transfer of Plan: This plan requires registration to be activated, and can also be transferred to the new owner during the term of the Plan.
  11. Cancellation: We may cancel this plan at our discretion on the basis of fraud or misrepresentation, or unauthorized repair of the product. This also applies, in case if you have attempted repair at your own or if the product has been handled by another party for the purpose of repair or diagnostics. You may cancel this plan for any reason within 15 days of purchase and receive full refund on the Plan price, as long as no claims has been made. After 15 days, no refund or credit will be applied.
 Exclusion, what is not covered:
  1. Failure to follow manufacturer's recommended maintenance or to operate in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  2. Accidental or physical impact, spilled liquids, riding in water or salt.
  3. Intentional damage, misuse or abuse.
  4. Fire, exposure to extreme weather, earthquakes, Act of God or battery leakage or explosion.
  5. Consequential or incidental damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of use. damages related to delays in providing service under this plan
  6. Damage of cosmetic nature or the cost of lost or consumable parts (including without limitation, brakes, brake pads, tires, tubes, cell phone holders, after market accessories or parts)
  7. Damage to any accessories or attachments
  8. Damages resulting from modifications or customizations.
  9. Loss or theft of product.
Complete Agreement

The above terms and conditions sets out complete agreement between you and us with respect the Plan. There are no other representations, warranties or agreement between you and us with respect to the Plan or the product.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Updated Feb 2021