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Explore the world with the UBCO 2X2 Electric Bikes – your gateway to electrifying adventures on and off the road. Engineered for both the daily commute and rugged off-road excursions, these fully electric bikes are the epitome of versatility. Whether you're conquering challenging terrains or navigating city streets, the UBCO 2X2 is your perfect companion. For outdoor enthusiasts, the 2X2 Hunt Edition takes the experience to the next level with all-wheel drive capabilities, specially designed for hunting and equipped with accessories to handle any wilderness challenge. These bikes are robustly built, making them suitable for year-round riding, including winter conditions. UBCO's commitment to quality ensures a seamless and thrilling ride in any season. Discover the future of biking – UBCO is now available at SmartWheel. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your riding experience – shop now!


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