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Riding a personal electric transportation device does require appropriate accessories to ensure your safety and to protect you from sudden on-road encounters. Smartwheel is consistent to serve our customers with the original electric scooter safety gears and helmets directly from the leading brands. We have selected top-quality scooter helmets, knee pads and wrist guards for all age groups. To enable extra security for every age group, we have got adults’ and kids’ scooter helmets in attractive designs and colors from the leading brand, Nutcase. There are helmets with cameras to facilitate the recording of adventurous moments while riding in pictures and videos. The solid metal body, cushioned internally with protective foam, supports the skull of the rider and provides maximum protection against any jerks and speed-breakers on the terrains. The safety pads for the knees and elbows secure the rider from any injury during sudden falls. To ensure maximum safety at minimum expenses, Smartwheel is offering the purchase of these protective gears at competitive prices. Shop online with us or visit our nearby store for the purchase from a wide selection of smart helmets, signal helmets, and helmets for all ages including kids and adults. Enjoy 24x7 professional support for handling or managing your safety gear. Stay safe and protected with Smartwheel!

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