Test Ride / Learn

Come visit us today for training and first-hand experience with our products. Try e-scooters, e-unicycles or e-bikes and other products, before you buy. 

Learn how to ride Electric Unicycles / Onewheels with our expert riders from Ride Electric Community! Schedule your appointment in advance to join this course provided in collaboration with the Ride Electric team. Start your journey toward becoming an expert rider!

PEVs are available for test rides at Smartwheel showrooms in Toronto and Burlington.

We will be able to demonstrate, walk you through them, tell you about the differences, and much more. We have a knowledgeable team that is always ready to welcome you and answer any of your questions.

No appointment necessary! 

Here are some safety tips for Test Ride Session:

1. Wear a helmet: Protecting your head is essential, and wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of severe injury in case of an accident.

2. Choose appropriate footwear: Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes that provide reliable support and grip. Avoid wearing sandals or flip flops that can slip off and expose your feet.

3. Practice in a safe and open space: Start slow and practice in an area with little to no obstacles. Familiarize yourself with the controls and get comfortable with the movements before attempting more challenging maneuvers.

4. Please be aware that liability waivers must be signed before beginning the lessons.