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Extreme Bull Commander and XM EUCs

Confine your wandering for pollution-free riding solutions at Smartwheel. We are bringing the new generation of personal transportation EUCs from Extreme Bull, the sister company of Gotway, and a new name in extremely powerful EUCs. As clear with its name the Extreme Bull unicycles are as powerful as a bull, challenging the off-road harshness. Equipped with big wheels, and powerful motors, these electric unicycles offer a passionate drive to pro riders. The self-balancing mechanism implemented in the manufacturing of these electric unicycles gives you a balanced ride with the help of exclusive accelerometers and gyroscopes. Available in varied ranges like Extreme Bull Commander and Extreme Bull X-Men, these electric unicycles have a wide variation in speed, range, battery backup, and load-carrying capacity and thus are appropriate for expert riders. Zoom confidently on your desired tracks with the eco-friendly mechanism of the Extreme Bull electric unicycles. Smartwheel has got all the road-ruler ranges of high torque Extreme Bull EUCs at budget-friendly prices. Buy the one of your interest!

Extreme Bull

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