In this Canadian weather, we have gotten quite a few requests from customers asking for advice about how to make their devices be able to ride in any weather condition. In this article, we have composed out top suggestions for being able to ride your device as much as possible in the winter and in rough terrain.

1. Winter-ready tires. 

At Smart Wheel, we are able to swap the tire on your electric scooter to a studded tread that won't impact performance of the machine. Instead, it will allow for better grip on slippery or icy winter weather conditions. This means that you won't have to hang up your riding equipment unless there is an abundant amount of snow. 

2. Riding cover

A riding cover will aid your device's typical IP-56 Weather Rating. An IP-56 means that the device is 'weather-proof' and can be ridden in light rain or snow. A riding cover will keep the device's temperature up meaning less stress and more range from the battery. It will also keep even more moisture from getting into your device.  

3. Slime tire sealant

Slime Tire sealant is made to instantly and repeatedly repair tire tread area punctures up to 1/4? in diameter using micro-fiber Technology. Many in the electric unicycle and electric scooter community have started to realize it is also viable as a seam sealer on nooks and crannies on their device. By doing this, you can basically water-proof your machine. On the downside, this will allow for less temperature management in the middle of summer heat. 


  • Seals multiple punctures repeatedly up to 2 years
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-aerosol
  • Water soluble
4. Plasti Dip.

Spraying layers of Plasti Dip over electric unicycle pedals allows for greater grip in wet weather. It works by giving the pedals a rubber coating with high grip. No more slipping in the rain. This application works best with a good 3-4 coats.

Ninebot Z10

The Ninebot Z10 is known for its durable shell and 'open-wheel' design. This electric unicycle handles snow and icy conditions out-of-box with ease. There are plenty of winter feats to prove this on sites like YouTube. If you are looking for a year-round electric unicycle for your transportation arsenal, the Z10 is a solid choice that we recommend. The larger frame combined with the 18'' wheel also means you will have more leverage and clearance while riding on snow compared to other EUC's.

Gotway Monster

The new 22'' electric unicycle from GotWay brings more than 2000W of power and 70+ pounds of machine to the table. While not suitable for icy riding in the winter, The Monster is able to crush rain or muddy conditions with some of the tricks we have listed above. You can expect to ride for over 100 km per charge and be able to demolish uneven or wet surfaces with ease.