Gotway has emerged in the electric unicycle as an excellent brand producing fast and durable machines suitable for many different terrains. In 2019, Smart Wheel will be bringing in three models to add to our lineup and we can’t wait for you to see these ‘monsters’. 

The Monster

GotWay Monster 22'' Biggest electric unicycle with the maximum speed of 55KM/H+, battery life 200KM+. This is the biggest electric unicycle on the market. It fits the niche of unicycle fans who want better sustained torque on all-terrain surfaces. Because it is extremely large, it will not turn like a 16’’ InMotion G3 for example. Its large wheel absorbs shocks and bumps like nothing but the Monster is not suited for small inner city shopping or popular areas, it’s more of a rural escape machine. Turning radius is also reduced. This means if you plan on a long-distance all-terrain journey with an electric unicycle, the Monster is for you.


The M Super X has received excellent feedback from riders that despite its 19.5’’ wheel, it is still a very agile electric unicycle with powerful acceleration and braking. The angled foot pads are more noticeable on this model, but they can be customized at home to have a normal slope. Riders online seem to have a common problem of uncomfortable leg padding on urban rides with slow and tight turns during a commute – This can also be fixed with your own foam that you can glue on. On a plus side, the large wheel handles bumps and surface imperfections with ease! While still retaining the agility of a smaller wheel, the MSX gives you the option of all-terrain travel with decent maneuverability. Overall, the MSX is Gotway’s most durable ride.


It is easy to figure out why the Tesla model is popular in the electric unicycle community, it rides and looks beautiful. At low speeds, its higher pedals on its 16'' wheels allow for more comfortable turning and at higher speeds the Tesla remains very sturdy (50km/h+). Unlike most other Gotway EUC’s, the Tesla has a well-designed pull-handle which makes it better for portability after riding. The new shell on the Tesla is much improved compared to older models and looks the part. In this sense, scratches and dents are much less of a worry.

Stay tuned - We will have these ready to purchase within a month! & If you missed out last article, we announced all of our new products for 2019. If you have any questions or would like to talk about Gotway or other EUC's feel free to drop us a line at:
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