One brand. Two great electric unicycles. Which is better?

The King Song brand is well-known for its electric unicycles and scooters. It prides itself for its high quality and top design. Let’s have a look at its recent addition of 18XL electric unicycle (EUC) and how it compares to its fellow 16X EUC.

King Song 16X
Weighing 23.5 kg and boasting a 16-inch wide wheel, this EUC is equipped with 1554Wh Li-ion battery and 2200 W rated electric motor making it the most powerful EUC in the 16-inch wheel segment. The 16X reaches a max speed of 50 km/hr and a range of 140-160 km and takes 7-10.5 hours to charge. Its 4 HIFI built-in Bluetooth speakers lets you enjoy music on the go. With a top-notch cooling system, the 16X won’t overheat even on the longest of rides.

Price: ~CAD $2749

King Song 18XL
The 18XL jazzes up the 16X. While it has the same 1554Wh Li-On battery as the 16X, the 18XL comes with an 18-inch wheel. Its 6 powerful parallel battery packs get you a top speed of 50 km/ hour and a mileage of 140-160 km. it also pushes its throttling threshold down to around 30% battery. The 18 XL does, however, beat in long stretched comfortable rides due to its larger wheel. Also being slightly heavier than the 16X (24Kg), the 18XL is suitable for more seasoned riders.
Although the pedals on 18XL are the largest in the market, riders have often felt the need to make these larger for comfort and ease of riding. It does have small leg pads on the either side of the wheel, allowing the rider to have maximum contact with it, and hence, more control.

Price: ~CAD $2895

Besides these major differences, both models come with strong, wide-angled headlights and tail lights, and high-quality Bluetooth speakers making for an enjoyable and safe ride. Plus, their pedals are situated 160 mm above the ground, so its suitable for off-roading as well. The strong battery allows a large load of up to 120 kg to be carried so you can take your backpack or other goods on the EUC without losing on speed.

If you’re a rider who’s comfortable with a 50 km/hour speed but values premium quality and long rides, then the 18XL will be a good buy. Otherwise, the 16X will be great for agile turning and providing you a variety of features still offering comfortable ride.

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