Ninebot Segway One S2 / S1 - Unicycle (White)

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The Ninebot - Segway One S2 / S1 compact and light weight state of art unicycle. Ninebot / Segway One S2 is definitely touching new wave of Personal Transportation. With One S2 Version you can now ride at 24km/h speed, 30km distance and it only weigh
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  • Ninebot Segway One S2 / S1 - Unicycle (White)
  • Ninebot Segway One S2 / S1 - Unicycle (White)
  • Ninebot Segway One S2 / S1 - Unicycle (White)
  • Ninebot Segway One S2 / S1 - Unicycle (White)
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The Ninebot - Segway One S2 is compact and light weight state of art unicycle. Much like a Segway, it is controlled by shifting your weight forward, backward, left and right. Ninebot - Segway One S2 is definitely touching new wave of Personal Transportation. With One S2 you can now ride at 20-24km/h speed, 24-30km distance and it only weigh 11.4Kg

For USA and Canada Customers One S1 Version of this products is available due to market differences and certification requirements within North America.


Powerful and Strong
With maximum power output of 500W, 
the One S2's superior sine wave frequency inverter technology enables safe riding of up to 24 km/h.

Lightweight and Packable
The One S2 is so light it can be easily carried as well as packed in your car. 
You can literally take it everywhere you go

Safety Is Our Top Priority!
Rider safety has always been, and continues to be, Ninebot's top priority.
With products covered by over 400 patents, Ninebot, together with Segway,
has built the One S2 with more than 16 years of safety technology experience to conform to strict industry standards.

Minimalist Design Allows for Creative Customization
Innovative design allows for the space a rider needs to make the One S2 their own. Add your own unique style to this ride with decals, stickers, paint or even graffiti style art

Intelligent and Fun Features
The Ninebot app allows you to choose different colors to monitor the One S2's power level, mileage and more. You can also choose from thousands of iridescent colors to light every trip. New ride, new color – new fun!

Water Resistant Protection
The Ninebot One S2's circuit system features a fully sealed design and IP54 water resistant protection. 
There's no need to worry about light rain or damp roads, just enjoy your ride.

Dual Batteries and a Flexible Design
With batteries on each side of the One S2, you'll always have the power you need.
However, for a lighter load the unit can operate with just one battery, though your speed will be limited.

Intelligent Control via Your SmartphoneConnect via Bluetooth to the One S2's smartphone app and monitor your unit's features,
check road conditions, upload firmware and even run diagnostics – all while on the go.
You can also use the app to find friends, track their rides and share in all sorts of fun. 
The One S2 is compatible for use with an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is optimized
for the iPhone 5 and Bluetooth 4.0. You may also use it with an iPhone 4S or above 
or with iOS 7.0 or above.

Battery Management System Ensures Safety
The battery management system closely monitors each battery to ensure it is working properly and safely.
The system can also be set to sound an alarm if your unit is being tampered.


Produce Size: 17.6 x 16.6 x 7.2 in (448 x 419 x 189 mm)

Weight Max. Payload: 264 lbs (120 kg)

Net Weight:  25 lbs (11.4 kg)


Rider Requirements

Age: 16–50 years

Height: 4'0"–6'6" (120–200 cm)


Machine Parameters

Max. Speed: 14.9 mph (24 km/h)

Typical Range: 1 ~18 miles (~30 km)

Max. Slope: ~15°

Operating Temperature: 14–104°F (-10–40°C)

Storage Temperature: -4–122°F (-20–50°C)

IP Rating: IPX4


Battery & Motors

Type: Li-ion battery pack: 54.3 VDC

Max. Charging Voltage: 63 VDC

Charging Temperature: 32–104°F (0–40°C)

Nominal Capacity: 310 Wh

Battery Management System: Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and over-heating, protection. Auto-sleep and auto-wake.

Motor Power Power: 500 W



Charger Nominal Power: 120 W

Charger Input Voltage: 100–240 VAC @ 50–60 Hz

Charging Temperature: 32–104°F (0–40°C)

Charge Time: 3 hours

Certification Compliance: CCC,CB,CE,FCC,UL,PSE,KC,SAA


Beginner Mode Beginner mode is automatically deactivated after 0.6 miles (1 km) of riding. Enable beginner mode at any time via the App.

Display Lighting Ring type display panel on both sides, with 14x2 independent RGB LEDs, battery level display, and customized light patterns


For Warranty and Support of this product please contact Segway / Ninebot at toll free number 1.866.473.4929
All warranty service requests to be made directly to the manufacturer.
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