Imagine having a mobility scooter that you can’t take on airplanes, can’t fold, can’t push or roll. Now imagine the Relync R1 which can be folded into the size of a suitcase and then rolled, checked onto a plane, and still had ultimate comfort. Welcome to the world of the R1. The Relync is a legendary mobility scooter that allows users to combine world class technology with portability. No more headaches when it comes to figuring out how to transport your wheelchair or scooter. There are three modes: Three modes. Driving, fully folded, and trolley mode for easy pulling and carrying in public spaces. All these modes only take seconds to change as well once you know which handles to pull!

The machine itself weighs only 50 pounds so it is manageable to bring in and out of trunks. What particularly separates this machine from others in the market is that it is capable of heads up display instructions to reach your destination. Simple connecting with the Relync GPS phone app allows on screen arrows to direct you to your destination – No more constantly taking your phone out or asking for directions from strangers!

The Relync has something called a Synchronous Braking System (SBS), which allows all three wheels to brake as soon as you release the accelerator. This mechanism is also a safety backup when the machine is taken down a steep hill. It will limit the speed and ensure a smooth descent with minimal bumpiness due to its rear pneumatic tire. The machine can reach ranges of 25 kilometers / 16 miles + and with a smart auto shut off after a few minutes of activity, you can has some peace of mind that this is a reliable mobility scooter!

If you would like to to see the R1 or go for a test ride feel free to come in and try it in store! If you have any other questions about the machine, you can reach us at 1.888.407.4997

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