Ninebot-Segway’s newest e-scooter is creating buzz and why not? This electric scooter is packed with great features and a stylish design, suitable for long rides and commutes.

The Max boasts a 350 W motor, more powerful that the 250-500 W motors that you find in other e-scooters in the CAD $1,000-2,000 price category. This 350 W motor helps it achieve a top speed of it with a top speed of 30 km/h and a range of 65 km. It only takes it around 4.5 seconds to reach its top speed. The Max is renowned for its super long-range battery that frees its user from having to recharge frequently. And if you do need to recharge, all you need is a simple power cord to charge it from empty to full in 6 hours. This special feature means you can do away with a power brick.

The Ninebot-Segway Max also has signature 10” pneumatic tires filled with a sealant to tackle punctures and leaks. While this ensures a sturdy scooter and minimal stress of running into a flat, the lack of a suspension system may make the ride slightly bumpy. 

Another feature that attributes to the stability of the scooter is its heavy weight of 18.7 kgs. This is the result of its sturdier frame and weight of the battery in the bottom of the scooter. Although this kick scooter will be perfect to take on all kinds of terrain, the heavy weight makes it more challenging to carry it around.

Speaking of portability, the Max comes with an easy and quick folding mechanism. But even in its folded position, the scooter’s handlebars remain as is and it is slightly longer in length than other scooters.

In short, think of the Max as a step up from other electric kick scooters in terms of range, battery life and durability. But how far you are willing to overlook its heavier weight and larger size is something only you can decide.

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