HoverKarts are for everyone, moms and dads included. Even grandma and grandpa will enjoy these Karts. For those who don’t have the right balance or weight to enjoy the ride of a hoverboard you can now sit back and relax. They are designed for all hoverboards from 6.5’’ all the way to the biggest 10’’ hoverboards out there. Just don’t forget your helmet when the race begins. The clamps work on any hoverboard and turns your ordinary ride into an fun-fueled drifting session. Go-karting fans will love the feel of hoverkarts, as all speed and direction control is in your hands. We haven't met anyone that has disliked riding on a hoverkart.



-Shock absorbing suspension for comfort & higher ground clearance

-Bucket seat for comfortable and safer ride

-Larger front wheel for stability and control

-Adjustable pad with scratch protective foam

-Velcro strips to fit different sized hoverboards

-Quick release adjustable frame length for fit people of different 

Right now we have two models which are both on sale for the holiday season:

SmartKart 3 Pro (Hoverkart) - The third wheel for your hoverboard!

Designed for performance and control, SmartKart 3 Pro is equipped with suspension springs to easily absorb shock from bumps and turns to give you a smoother ride. It's also equipped with a comfortable bucket seat for longer rides and is easy to get in and out of. Just assemble, attach to your hoverboard and off you go! The SmartKart Pro 3 is adjustable and suitable for 6.5", 8" and 10" hoverboards. Take one out today, you'll never know how fast you can go! 

Go Drifting! With the SmartKart 4 Drift hoverboard kart, you can now transform your hoverboard into your very own Go-Kart / Drift-Kart! Perfect for thrill-seeking adults and adventurous children alike, the SmartKart Hoverkart offers unending fun on packed sand, asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, or any other smooth surface. The unique drift design, featuring a powder coated higher gauge steel frame with a high-precision swivel casters in the back, delivers a flawless control and riding experience.The SmartKart attaches to your hoverboard in just seconds, giving you the freedom to switch to fun anywhere, anytime.

Ultimate Performance: The SmartKart features a state-of-the-art frame with a nearly non-existent turning radius that makes it extremely fun to ride and drift!

Easy Setup: Transform your hoverboard into a go-kart / drift Kart in just seconds! Simply snap the SmartKart onto your hoverboard and you are ready to ride. A detailed assembly instructions and the tools required for the assembly (Allen wrench, wrench) are included.

Customized Fit: Adjust your SmartKart's frame foot length, seat position, and handlebar angle for a comfortable riding experience tailored specifically to your liking. The SmartKART DRIFT can also be used by children, thanks to its 6-step adjustable rod. The Driftkart also offers enough leg clearance for people up to 1.90, and the Driftkart can easily be transported with just 6.5 kg.

Compatibility: The SmartKart is compatible with any hoverboard that features 6.5 / 8 / 9 / 10 inch wheels.

If you’re interested, we'd love to show you these awesome karts in person!

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