To many, deciding what kind of electric transportation device to buy can be very hard. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down the four major categories customers most commonly ask about – E-scooters, hoverboards, electric unicycles, and Segway style units.





Price range: $400-900 CAD

KM Range: 10-30+

Pros: Portable and Useful

With electric scooters you can go where you want to go without having to be on someone else’s time, you can travel in your own style, your way. E-scooters are a great addition to any commuter! Some are very lightweight and can be used for leisure, while some are great for city travel. Most are very portable and can easily be brought on to public transportation. The larger E-scooters come equipped with a pneumatic tire for shock absorption and more powerful engines that can travel up to 30 km/h. Overall, an e-scooter is incredibly reliable and anybody can learn to ride and have fun on one. 



Price Range: $289-499 CAD

KM Range: 10-15+

Pros: Lots of fun - Especially with a hoverkart addon!

Hoverboards are great for the younger audience to travel to school and back, or to play around with friends outside when it ends. For adults and kids alike, the hoverkart attachment can turn any hoverboard into a driftable go-kart for hours of endless fun. Hoverboards can generally travel 10-15 km before they will need recharging. They come in three sizes: 6.5’’ wheel, 8’’, and 10’’. The larger the wheel, generally the more all-terrain capabilities the machine will have. The 6.5'' wheels are great for riding around on flatter surfaces while the 10'' fat-style wheels allow hoverboards to take you anywhere with ease and comfort.


Electric Unicycles

Price Range: $596-2995 CAD

KM Range: 20-100+

Pros: Long range 'carving' fun, excellent for commuting

Electric unicycles are for people looking for an alternative to travel. They are the most powerful on this list and can be used for travelling or commuting short to very long distances. There is a large variance in this regard - EUC’s can travel up to 50 kilometers per hour and are very fun to learn and eventually master. Wheel sizes vary from 12 inches for casual rides all the way to 18 inches on extreme models. There are also large social media groups for EUC riders that like-minded individuals share ideas and their adventures with each other. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd and meet people like yourself, an electric unicycle is for you.


Segway style

Price Range: $797-9055 CAD

KM Range: 15-65 KM

Pros: Smooth and Powerful

Segways always add a flair of coolness to riders. However, they are not just the large model that most people think of. Since the original Segway came out over 10 years ago, many innovations have taken place within the market. There is still the original Segway which is used commonly by law enforcement or public security, but there is now much smaller models with greater ranges or even without the traditional handle.

Segways are perfect for getting around from tours, working in a warehouse, security, event coordinators even walking the dog. It’s as easy as stepping on up and grabbing a handle if there is one. The self-balancing technology makes it easy to ride just by moving your feet to go forwards/backwards and the turning is all in the handle or knees on those without handles. Goodbye public transit and hello personal transportation!