Unique combination of a hoverboard and e-skateboard 

The ONEWHEEL looks like a skateboard cyclops but rides like a snowboard. With only one wheel, the hybrid e-skateboard/EUC features tight turns and incredible maneuverability. The large air tire gives you a smooth ride and just the right amount of grip you need to carve and shred the streets in fashion.

Onewheel enables you to interact with the world in ways never thought possible. The ability to choose your line and commit no matter where you're riding makes you realize the world one giant powder run.

California dreamed, California made – Unlike most electric transportation products on the market, the one wheel is American made. The ruggedness and sleek design clearly shows this.



“It all comes down to creating vehicles from the future and riding them into the sunset with an ear to ear grin.”


Whether you want to commute to work in style and fun, or just shred it up with some friends on the weekend, the onewheel can help. Lean forward to go, back to slow down, it’s that easy.


Different riding settings: Once connected to the onewheel app, you can scroll through the riding options of: Sequoia, Cruz, Mission, Elevated or Delirium. More information about each of these can be found when you click on the question mark on each picture. When you swipe into each, a message will notify you it’s been activated. There will a setting just right for you!

All-Terrain: Onewheels are built like tanks. Onewheel uses a direct-drive hub motor that has no moving parts, so you can ride over any terrain without fear of damaging your board. All Onewheels are water resistant, so they can withstand some moisture.

Safety measures: Push back is a speed modulation feature, designed to keep riders at a safe speed. ‘Push back’ gives riders tactile feedback by lifting the nose to signify that the board is traveling at its maximum speed. Pushback is function that is defined by a number of parameters including battery, grade of terrain, speed, etc.

Endless Possibilities: Onewheel riders are doing amazing things on them - Adventures hundreds of kilometers/miles long! For most riders, getting the basics only takes a few rides. From there, it’s a matter of putting in the time to ride more aggressively and become comfortable in different riding locations and conditions. Practice makes perfect, and with time you’ll be able to do incredible things.

What are you waiting for start shredding now.  

Smart Wheel Canada 
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