When it comes to hoverboards,  there are very few companies who have specialized in this technology.

Smart Wheel Canada is one of the first in the industry and have accrued a vast amount of knowledge about Self Balancing Technology (Hoverboards).  Working closely with our manufacturing partners has allowed us to serve as leader in this industry. We have worked closely and understand the needs of all age groups, along with all the different applications and Safety requirements.  Smart Wheel Canada has recently partnered with HX group to launch a higher quality co-brand as Smart2HX Series.

Smart Wheel has also designed many accessories including PU leather covers, Hard cases and SmartKart3 Hoverkart by partnering with quality manufactures. 

Smart Wheel offers 2 different  series of hoverboards, Smart2 and Smart2HX

Smart2 series has been around for almost two years but has had a different name in the past and it is the most common first generation hoverboard. Over the last little while there has been many upgrades that have improved it, little by little such as, bluetooth, remote, a variety of colours,  modified 8” and 10” wheel size versions. The Smart 2 series is an entry level in our lineup that is currently available in four different wheel sizes

4.5” Wheel – Solid Rubber Tire

6.5” Wheel – Solid Rubber Tire

8” Wheel – Solid Rubber Tire

10” Wheel – Tube Tire

Read our other Blog about difference between each which size and which size is better for your needs.

Smart2HX series is also available in following wheel sizes to meet its rival Smart2 Series. 

6.5” Wheel – Solid Rubber Tire

8” Wheel – Solid Rubber Tire

10” Wheel – Tube Tire

Whether it’s 6.5, 8 or 10 inch wheel the quality of the Smart2HX is built for performance and control. Smart2HX hoverboards have many benefits such as, durability, reliability and they are a more agile device. If you listen to music all the time on the go then you will fall in love with the sound quality and smooth ride. They come with Built-in Stereo (Twin) Bluetooth speakers and dancing lights and have higher clearance which allows you to go on more difficult terrain.

However, both Smart2 and Smart2HX series have their pros and cons as per following comparison. 

Smart 2Smart 2 HX

Lower starting prices

Higher Durability
-          Better material
-          Better Design

Low Maintenance cost
-          parts are cheaper to replace

Low Cost Ownership
-          Less maintenance required

Low ground clearance
-          For Stable ride

Better Design
-          For Higher ground clearance
-          For Higher pad height

Variety of Accessories Available
-          Handle bar
-          Pu Leather Cover

Smooth Performance
-          Center bearing instead of bush
-          Better quality motors
-          Frame Design

Good Quality
-          In the market for 2 years

Higher Quality
-          Extensive quality control
-          Material testing

Built in Bluetooth Available
-          1 speaker

Built in Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Sound
-          2 speakers

Standard Lights
-          2 indicator lights 
(4 indicators on 10” models)
(4 indicators on 10” models)

Bright Lights
-          2 indicator
-          2 dancing

Remote monitoring
-          Smart Phone app available

Remote driving control
-          Smart Phone app available

Click Pad sensors as oppose to photo-sensors
-          Less sensitive to variation in rider weight
-          Stable ride

Light weight
-          1 kg less than Smart2



Frequent Repairs needed

Less colour variety

Expect Shell Replacements on average 1 per year

Higher starting price

Similar Knock off products are common

Higher Clearance may not suitable for beginners