If you're looking for an awesome new way to get around, electric unicycles are a great option.

This unique form of personal transportation is increasing in popularity, so it's important that you know how they work and what to look for before you choose one that's right for you.

Read on to learn more about this revolutionary form of transport so you can find the perfect unicycle to help you get around in style.

What is an Electric Unicycle?

You've probably seen scooters, hoverboards, and segways sweeping the nation by storm. An electric unicycle is similar in some ways, mainly the way that the unit is powered via electric charge.

The similarities end when it comes to how you ride an electric unicycle. Unlike some other forms of personal transport , these unique units require you to constantly move and stay on top in order to maintain your balance.

Riding an electric unicycle can be challenging at first, but mastering it is totally worth the effort since they're a ton of fun to use. With their compact size, you can easily ride through a variety of terrain including narrow alleyways and urban sidewalks.

Most electric unicycles contain an electric motor that is built into the rim and a rechargeable battery that powers a motherboard with a driver. The unicycle itself uses two gyroscopes to help it move, and it also features pedals and a seat. The battery-powered motor is what drives the unicycle, but it relies on the rider to keep it upright and balanced.

man riding electric unicycle

How Does an Electric Unicycle Work?

An electric unicycle is a bike with one wheel that is propelled via an electric motor instead of your muscles. The motor is the main thing that drives the unicycle, and there is no pedaling required.

A motherboard inside the unicycle reads the angle of the vehicle when it's in motion. These angles include front and back as well as left and right, which are moved and adjusted by the gyroscopes.

As the gyroscopes sense the angle of motion, it changes the speed of the motor to keep you in an upright position as you move forward. The changes in speed are what helps to keep you in balance so you can ride your electric unicycle without tipping over.

You can stop the unit by leaning backward, which will tell the motor to slow down based on the angle. Electric unicycles have rugged wheels that can handle rain, snow, and even rough terrain. It takes a bit of practice, but these personal transportation vehicles are quite easy to master with a bit of practice.

When your motor needs a recharge, you simply plug it in to recharge the battery and then continue to enjoy it for hours at a time. Battery life depends on a variety of factors, but most electric unicycles can operate for several hours on a single charge.

Types of Electric Unicycles

You can find several different styles and types of electric unicycles depending on your price range and your desired features. Most units include an integrated battery core and charger so you can give it more "juice" whenever it runs low.

A quality unicycle will include comfortable padding on the sides to protect your legs, and thick tires will provide you with better balance when you ride. Almost all electric unicycles are eco-friendly and don't require gasoline or other fuel to operate.

A small, compact electric unicycle is perfect for those who need to travel on the go and don't have a lot of storage space. The smaller the unicycle, the easier it is to carry it around with you if you use it to get to and from work or other destinations.

An electric skateboard or surfboard is a form of an electric unicycle, but it features a longer shape that resembles a traditional board. These unicycles still require you to maintain your balance and operate with just one wheel. The main difference is the way you ride it since it's more closely related to a skateboard than a classic unicycle design.

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The Best Electric Unicycles

There are plenty of amazing options to choose from, but some manufacturers are pioneers in the industry. Take the Airwheel X3 for example, which features ultra-compact size and a lot of extra features that make operation easier. The Airwheel X3 includes shock-absorbing wheels, battery alerts, and tilt limitations.

If you prefer an electric skateboard, check out the OneWheel Pint. This awesome unit can go up to 16 miles per hour and uses balance and pressure to pivot the wheel. With a 6.8-mile range, it's great for short distances through urban or rural areas alike.

For those looking for an electric unicycle with more power, check out the King Song KS-16X which has top speeds of 50 kilometers per hour. The wide, durable 16-inch wheel keeps you balanced, and it also boasts an impressive range of 160 kilometers per charge. A 2200W motor and 1554WH battery makes it one of the most powerful options available today.

Ride in Style with Electric Unicycles

If you're looking for a new, innovative way to get around, consider an electric unicycle for your personal transport. These revolutionary items come in all kinds of options and will get you from one place to another in no time without the need for gasoline.

For the latest electric unicycles, be sure to visit our website and contact us today with any questions so we can help you find your dream ride.