Electric Scooters vs. Electric Unicycles

Electric Scooters vs. Electric Unicycles

There are many different types of personal electric vehicles (PEVs) in the world. Each one has its own benefits and weaknesses. So, knowing the difference between each type can help you figure out the right kind of PEV for you. Here, we’ll compare electric scooters vs. electric unicycles.

Riding Method

The major difference that most people will notice is the different handling and driving methods for these two vehicles. On the unicycle, you stand with your feet on either side of the vehicle, parallel to each other and the big wheel in the center. You then lean to control the vehicle as you travel. The electric scooter has two wheels at the front and back of a platform, while the front end has a handlebar that protrudes upwards. You put one foot in front of the other on the platform and use the handlebar for steering. Typically, people see the scooter as a bit easier to handle, though the unicycle isn’t difficult with some practice.


The next big difference between the different PEVs is their weight and how portable they are. This is important because you’ll typically carry the PEV for a while after you reach a location. Scooters are naturally a bit heavier, weighing somewhere in the 20-25 pound range. Most unicycles are closer to 15 pounds, though it depends on the model. Also, unicycles collapse into an easy-to-carry form; scooters only fold, making them bulkier and harder to carry.


It’s hard to say that one PEV is more expensive than the other because you’re comparing vastly different things. But in general, they have comparable prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the quality and features that they each come with.


Both vehicles are more than capable of carrying someone around for short distances, but scooters typically have an advantage over unicycles with the range and speed they can travel. However, this range and speed can vary drastically from different vehicles, so this isn’t a steadfast rule.

Now that you know a bit more about electric scooters vs. electric unicycles, you should be in a great place when deciding which PEV you want out of these two options. Whether you want to buy an electric unicycle for sale or a scooter, think about this guide and choose based on your own situation.

7th Oct 2021

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