Onewheel Bundles Now Available

Onewheel Bundles Now Available

Smartwheel is happy to announce the 'Build Your Own Bundle' option now available for all Onewheel boards!

Bundle Up and Save - with this feature, you'll be allowed to order your Onewheel board and enjoy a discount when you add on accessories and parts though our build your own feature. 

Nothing but Style - you'll now be able to order parts and accessories in ALL COLORS available on the Onewheel site. True customization and design freedom to mix and match any colors you'd like and really make the board your own!

Save Big - after adding your custom accessories you'll be SHOCKED to see how much you save at checkout. Discounts applied directly match with the Onewheel Official Site but in Canadian. Enjoy Canadian pricing, shipping and Smartwheel's amazing aftercare services.  

To order now, please visit 

10th Jan 2022

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