Order Early Savings

Save on items by ordering early!

Order limited stock items and enjoy BIG savings.

How it Works?

When you choose the Order Early Option on limited stock items or backordered items, we reserve your item directly at the manufacturer/supplier level and then it is shipped to us with our upcoming scheduled delivery. Since Item is Pre-Sold your item(s) does not go through additional costs such as handling, storage, stocking etc. In other words, "Order Early" is like getting paid for waiting.

What Products qualify for Order Early Savings?

Order Early Saving applies to most limited stock items. A separate check box option will be shown under Choose Options "This is a Limited Stock item, Order Early Only”. With this option, the amount you will save, and the delivery time will be indicated as well. All you have to do is to check this option box and add your product to the cart to checkout. 
See Below example:
How much I can Save?
Savings and delivery terms vary based on the manufacturing Brand and product type. Actual amount of savings will be indicated with this option but in general, you can save up to $400.

When will my product arrive?

If your Item is Limited Stock, its will indicate under Choose Option button about delivery time range. We make sure your item will arrive with in indicated time frame. In some cases, it may arrive early as we never stop working in the background to ensure we exceed our commitment to you.
See below example indicating arrival time & savings:

What if my order does not arrive in Time?

In very rare cases, you will be advised accordingly by our team members that a product will not make it on time. At this point you have an option to claim a full refund - We will refund you back 100% of the amount paid to us. Our Team member will also discuss further alternative options with you to ensure customer satisfaction or you may qualify for an in-stock upgraded model or a higher value product at no additional cost to you!

Can I Cancel / Change my order with Order Early Saving?

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time or even change it to in-stock item after paying the difference in value. If your order is cancelled within 15 days of the order date, you qualify for full refund or exchange. After 15 days has passed you can exchange or receive store credit to apply to any other product you like.
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