As electric scooters gain popularity in the U.S and worldwide, it will not be long before an electric scooter boom in cities like Toronto in Canada. They are great devices but there are some thing you should know about how to properly ride. Lime scooter hopes to launch their product in Toronto this summer. If you didn't know, Lime scooters will be unlocked with your smart phone app and rented at a very cheap rate until you are finished or arrive at your destination. For cities burdened with poor commuting options, these scooters will be very beneficial for a lot of people. 

1. Top speed - These electric scooters are fast and can travel at speeds of over 20 kilometers an hour. It is best to learn how to ride at slower speeds and get used to the scooter in an area where you have some room to maneuver. 

2. Share your path - It's important to let everyone move freely on your path with a safe walking distance. There have been incidents in the UK and US about scooters crashing into pedestrians caused by taking too aggressive of a line. E-scooters will save you time, but it's important to know that you do not have the right of way.

3. Get used to the braking  - It's important to keep your balance and understand that the brakes are very good on the Xiaomi 365 scooters many of these scooter companies use. When you do come to a stop make sure you keep in balance and put one foot on the ground.

4. Fast acceleration - To start the scooter, most will require a manual kick before the hand pedal can be activated. When you do start the motor, it will take you by surprise how fast it accelerates. It is best to gradually add pressure to the pedal when you are learning e-scooters so that you are not taken by surprise!

Right now, the Lime company is charging costs a flat fee of USD $1 to ride the scooter plus 15 cents per minute used. The rates might be slightly higher in Canadian though. Too often though, we hear from Americans who have enjoyed their scooter ride so much, they wish to purchase their own! Our current InMotion L8F scooter has long been used as a commuter staple in Canada and will be very similar to the machines you will be seeing in the summer! 

Safe riding! Feel free to drop a line if you have a question about an electric scooter, or would like a free test ride on any device:

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