KingSong Pedals XL / STD for 14D/14S/16S/18L/18XL Electric Unicycle

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  • KingSong Pedals XL / STD for 14D/14S/16S/18L/18XL Electric Unicycle
  • KingSong Pedals XL / STD for 14D/14S/16S/18L/18XL Electric Unicycle
  • KingSong Pedals XL / STD for 14D/14S/16S/18L/18XL Electric Unicycle

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Choose Standard or Extra Large XL KingSong Pedals set. The Extra Large pedal allows users a bigger foot pad area. It can fit on any KS EUC and is easy to install!


Parts Warranty: 90 Days
Due to Nature of the parts, if parts are not used, installed of used according to manufacturers manual, warranty will void. Returns are only acceptable if parts are unused.
Authorized Warranty and Support Contact:
Smart Wheel Canada
Call 1.888.407.4997 option 3
Warranty Limitations / Exclusion: 
Damage to the product from misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, water/liquid damage, salt damage or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner's Manual. Damage caused by exceeding maximum weight, attempting tricks or running into obstacles like curbs or walls, water or liquid damage or submerges into the water. Improper or invalid documentation, including but not limited to lack of a warranty sheet, original invoice or discrepancies on the invoice.
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1 Review

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    Posted by Ike on 15th Jun 2019

    Without a doubt, the best investment you can make for your wheel. Here's the story:I am 6' tall, 160 pounds, with size 11.5 feet. On the original pedals I was having challenges mounting and getting the right position for my feet This is a problem when you have limited time (i.e. just after an intersection) to get it all right and safely get moving again with traffic whizzing by on the left. I was also continually second-guessing if my feet, ankles and calves were in the best position for control over the wheel, and as my toes were hanging off the front, and my heels partially off the rear, this was a problem, particularly if I was still hunting for that "sweet spot" and hit a bump in the asphalt.. But after finding the golden zone, it WAS good... until I had to dismount and start all over again...The foot cramps were unbearable. If I wanted to ride for more than half an hour, it was assured I'd have to take breaks to get the feeling back in my numb toes.Did I mention the wheel was also twitchy at speed and under acceleration?Then I called Kash at SmartWheel to see if he had them in stock. He did, I went, and installed them.Here's what you need to know:THEY TURNED RIDING MY KS-16S INTO A DREAM. The ride now feels like riding on a cloud.I have complete confidence and control. No wobbly, twitchy ride. Going over large road imperfections is like nothing at all. I have zero trouble mounting. My feet are completely on the pedals, and even the angle is better. Ah, and no cramping whatsoever, not even a hint of cramps.Folks, this is a must have for any Kingsong wheel, seriously. I feel like my wheel is a totally different machine altogether. And they look significantly better on the wheel with their black finish, and much easier to touch up if you scrape them. Kash at SmartWheel is amazing to deal with as well: super friendly, knowledgeable, a real "People Person."

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