It's been incredible to see how far electric unicycles have come in just a few short years. But not every evolution has resulted in total gain, as the relentless pursuit of performance and range can often come at the cost of portability, maneuverability and overall comfort. What InMotion has done here is set up a marriage of the performance-hungry desires of the enthusiast market with a form factor that doesn't make too many sacrifices to achieve it.

Between the 2.5" wide tire & high pedal height of 17.2cm (6.7") the V10F is one of the most comfortable electric unicycles on the market. It has all the power, torque and handling of an 18’’ Wheel put inside the frame of a slim 16" Wheel. In other words, this will check all the boxes for enthusiasts looking for a long rang range wheel without going overboard on size.

The V10F has larger pedals, a brighter headlight, more power, and all the other features a V8 has in basically the same frame! This is what makes the V10F so special – There is still portability, riding comfort, and agility in

Going Over the Specs

  • Power: A 2000W motor means effortless riding capabilities on longer distances at higher speeds
  • Pedals Size & Height: the total surface area is 30% larger than those on the V5/V8, giving more foot support to the rider
  • Slim Profile: Riders often say that the V10F feels much more stable than other EUC’s because of the higher weight in a smaller package. However, the narrow frame also helps this because you still have all the agility of a smaller wheel.
  • Super-bright Headlight: The V10F’s light has a downward direction to it, so it doesn't blind oncoming cyclists from afar. 
  • Custom LED Lighting: If you don’t like the rainbow effect of the standard lighting, you can change the settings within the app
  • Bluetooth Speaker: The Bluetooth speaker has great sound quality that you can play music from

To sum it all up, the V10F is a beast of a wheel inside a gorgeous package, and most importantly it simply feels amazing to ride because great care was taken to not make sacrifices where it mattered. This wheel will give you much more confidence to ride on the road when needed yet still nimble enough to feel at home on the sidewalk near tons of pedestrians in a busy city like Toronto.

If you are a fan of InMotion's previous advancements in the world of electric unicycles but found it hard to resist the lure of more range and speed - they've now answered your call with a well-rounded and refined machine that brings the whole experience up to par instead of just raw specs.

Safe riding! Feel free to drop a line if you have a question about an electric scooter, or would like a free test ride on any device:

Smart Wheel Canada Inc
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