September 02, 2022 updated (Original August 18, 2022)

ADVISORY /NOTIFICATION/ Disclaimer: This notification is for all Kingsong 16S owners and riders. We have been reported an isolated issue related to this product in USA. After investigation it has been found that it is important that riders and owners of this product must follow Owners Manual (Operations Manual) at all times to prevent any damage to the product or rider. According to Kingsong Manufacturer there is no immediate threat or concern or recall on this product but Kingsong advises all riders to review owners manual to ensure safety of all and to prevent any issues. If you have any specific concerns, please do contact us or you can reach directly in China.

To get a copy of electronic owners manual please contact us.

No issues has been reported in Canada by anyone other than the one brought up in US and that was an isolated incident according to Kingsong. Therefore no further actions are required.


Jun 30, 2022

SHOWCASE / GRAVITY BLADE Disclaimer: Smartwheel is no longer associated with Shop at Showcase for any Gravity Blade hoverboard and escooter projects. This includes,  sales, refurbishing, aftersales services and warranty. 

In the past Smartwheel has provided contracted aftersales repair and warranty until 2020 which is no longer valid and agreement has been expired. Customer who have purchased any item since 2021 or after must contact Shop at Showcase directly


Jun 20, 2022

We are experiencing delays in incoming shipments and back log. This may cause delays in Preorder deliveries for some products such as Onewheel GT, Kingsong S22, Gotway Master, Vsett and more. The estimated arrival time for each Preorder item is continuously updated, however, some customers who may have ordered earlier may not be have informed. If you are unsure please contact our support.


May 16, 2022

Effective May 16th, 2022 retail prices will be adjusted to reflect price increase notification from the manufacturers.

Smartwheel remains committed to providing fair pricing and fair business practices to its customers at all times. Our Journey would not be possible without our customers. 

However, with in the past whole year, there has been numerous price increases from the Manufacturers and many shipping challenges. The Cost of parts has also increased including battery cells. 

We are excited to announce that we are able to maintain a fair Retail price for the most products with no increase, but there is some products and brands where MSRP price increase is unavoidable. 

We appreciate your business and support and we will stay stronger to continue to build a clean and pollution free environment through our growing range of personal transportation devices.


March 1, 2022

Burlington, Store Hours will be reset to normal from 10AM to 6PM Monday - Friday. Store will be fully opened to public with No capacity limits. Learn more about our Regular Business Hours 


Feb 17th, 2022

COVID-19 Limitation are slowly going to be lifted by the Provincial Government. This means our businesses will be also slowly moving toward normalizing and removing restrictions. Learn More about our COVID Policy an Store Operations.


At Smartwheel, we are committed to keep our customers informed of any changes in incoming or outgoing delays as we are made aware of them.

We will all get through this tough time together. Stay Safe and Strong!