Kingsong's latest electric unicycles with Suspension: Review of S19 and S22 Pro

Kingsong's latest electric unicycles with Suspension: Review of S19 and S22 Pro

Posted by Laiba Fatima on 1st Aug 2023

With every turn of the wheel, an Electric Unicycle unlocks empowerment and boundless possibilities. This self-balancing wonder makes the ride smooth, like floating in the air. The innovative wheel of an electric unicycle has revolutionized personal transportation. It offers a dynamic option for navigating the urban landscape or exploring wild pathways. Kingsong came up with the outstanding KS S19 Electric Unicycle and KS S22 Pro Electric Unicycle, to fulfill both purposes.

KingSong KS S19 3500W Electric Unicycle (EUC) with Suspension

KingSong KS S19 Electric Unicycle (EUC)

Imagine navigating busy city streets with a delightful experience offered by an electric unicycle. Rise in urban congestion has stimulated the need for efficient transportation, so one can drift swiftly in a distinct and exciting manner. Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle addresses this challenge by providing a thrilling and one of a kind way to cross urban environments. Zero emissions, high power motors and smooth riding contributes to a better commuting, not only for the rider but also for the environment. Kingsong S19 is one of the best choice for urban commuting. Now we look at some specifications of Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle:

1.Top Speed and Max Range: With a top speed of 60 km/h and maximum range of 150 km per charge, the Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle ensures you can travel without the worry of running out of battery.

2.Weight and Max load: Weighing only 32 kgs, Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle, it has an impressive maximum load-bearing capacity of 120 kgs.

3.Battery and Motor: Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle features a 3500 W motor combined with a high capacity 1776 WH battery, ensuring a powerful ride perfect for daily commuting.

4.Tire Size: Designed with an 18-inch tire, the Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle guarantees enhanced shock absorption for riders, all while maintaining balance and stability.

Kingsong S22 Pro EUC

KingSong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle (EUC)

Picture yourself venturing into the feral beauty of nature, effortlessly gliding on the rocky terrains. Undertaking on an off road journey with an Electric Unicycle is a unique experience. These versatile and durable e-wheels are not just limited to urban surroundings; they thrive in traveling over the wild outdoors as well. The sensation of deep connection and freedom with nature is unmatched. The extreme power and elevated suspension of 130 mm in Kingsong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle greatly aids to tackle bumpy surfaces and uneven trails, once you get the hang of it, the fun is endless. Below are the highlights of Kingsong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle:

1.Top Speed and Max Range: With an exceptional top speed of 70 km/h and an astonishing maximum range of 200 km, riders can embark on thrilling journeys without any concerns of charge.

2.Weight and Max load: The Kingsong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle comes with a maximum load capacity of 120 kgs, despite weighing only a mere 35 kgs.

3.Battery and Motor: This E-Unicycle has an impressive performing battery of 2220 WH, ensuring long-lasting power for extended rides. Paired with a strong 4000 W motor, this delivers an exceptional speed and torque.

4.Tire Size: Kingsong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle comes with beefed-up tires of 20-inches that excel in traction and shock absorption, making it the ideal choice for terrain paths.

A memorable journey is promised for commuting or off-roading with these powerhouses of advanced technology, putting thrill and comfort together. There is an Electric Unicycle to suit every person's preferences, whether you yearn for the impressive suspension and power of Kingsong S22 Pro Electric Unicycle or persuasive performance of Kingsong S19 Electric Unicycle.