5 Things To Know Before Buying an Electric Unicycle

5 Things To Know Before Buying an Electric Unicycle

An electric unicycle isn’t a vehicle you would typically think of as a personal transportation vehicle, but it actually makes for a great one. The electric unicycle is becoming more and more popular with the rise of personal electric vehicles, so it’s the perfect time to pick up your own. However, you shouldn’t go in blindly. Here are five things to know before buying an electric unicycle.

Learning Curve

The most important thing you should know about is the steep learning curve that comes with learning how to ride an electric unicycle. For instance, mastering a one-wheeled motorized unicycle is difficult since they require lots of balance and control. However, most people only need a few days of practice until they get it down.


Another factor that can play into your decision is the cost of an electric unicycle. Although they’re small in comparison with a scooter or e-bike, they’re still expensive. The cheaper models cost a few hundred dollars and the higher quality ones with extra features can cost thousands. It all depends on the quality you want and what features you need.


Out of all the personal electric vehicles, e-unicycles are probably the most unique and visually distinct. That means that owning and riding one will make you stick out in the crowd. Knowing that you stand out while going down the street can be quite fun.


The e-unicycle is compact; it can fold up so it’s even smaller. This makes it perfect for carrying it around when you’re not using it. You can fit it inside most backpacks and it’s lightweight in comparison to most other e-vehicles.

Low Maintenance

Although there’s a large initial investment in E-unicycles, using them for shorter trips can quickly earn its money back. Unlike a car, e-unicycles don’t break down or suffer from wear nearly as often. Refueling them isn’t as expensive as refueling a car, either. These factors save you a lot of money.

There’s a lot you should consider when deciding if you want an E-unicycle, but these five things to know before buying an electric unicycle should help you address many of the bigger issues.

10th Oct 2021

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