9 Types of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles

9 Types of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles

When it comes to electric vehicles, many different kinds often spring to mind: the Segway, the electric scooter, the electric bike, or the popular hoverboards. However, there are many more types of electric personal transportation vehicles. Each of the different types of electric rideables holds its own unique pros and cons, and the differences are important to note.

Electric Bikes

These vehicles are two-wheeled electrically-charged bicycles that offer all the same control as an unpowered bicycle. They also provide that extra electrical power that can propel the bike to where you need to go without wasting your own energy. The electric bike allows you to still use your legs to ride the bike without using electricity, giving you the option to ride at your own pace and desired physical exertion. It also has the same amount of control as a normal bike, with the handlebar being the default steering method. However, the electric bike is quite bulky and can be hard to carry around as it can also be heavy.

The Segway

The Segway is one of the most popular and well-known ways to travel using an electric personal transportation vehicle. They are two-wheeled standing platforms with a handlebar that provides you with a place to grip to allow for great balance. You use this handlebar to control the movement of the Segway as you navigate. The Segway is one of the easier modes of travel to learn and is quite safe. However, it can be quite large and heavy, which makes it hard to carry or travel with when not in use.


Hoverboards are electric platforms with two wheels placed next to the feet. You are meant to stand on them and lean forwards and backward to control the movement of the vehicle. They are rather easy to carry in comparison with the Segway or electric bikes, but they do lack that same ease of steering and control. The method of control is to use your feet to twist and lean the hoverboard. It can take a bit of time to grow accustomed to and fully master this steering system, but it is not too difficult to learn. These are also known as good gifts for kids as they come in all sorts of friendly and cool designs.

Electric Unicycles

These are single-wheel vehicles on which you place a foot on both sides of the wheel and stand as you drive around. These vehicles come with many good qualities as they are light and compact, meaning that they are very easy to carry and store. They also provide a good amount of speed and mobility. The largest and only real hurdle to overcome is the difficulty of use, as the unicycle does have a steep learning curve. However, with just a bit of practice, it can be a great way to get around.

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are an electric version of the four-wheeled vehicle of the same name. They consist of a smaller board placed on four wheels that will start to roll forward when switched on. Electric skateboards are quite fast and very convenient, as they simply require you to stand on them as they move. A simple lean to the left or right will turn you in the direction you wish to go. However, their light weight and smaller size do mean that they have a hard time carrying heavier loads, and they do require a bit of balance to ride.

Electric Scooters

These are two-wheeled electric versions of the vehicles called scooters. They are longer, thinner platforms with a wheel at the front and back of the platform. A handlebar is near the front wheel that controls the steering of the device while also granting better balance as one stands on the electric rideable. Electric scooters have also become a staple of the electric personal transportation vehicles; with cities putting rental services into effect to allow for quick and clean transportation over short distances. Even in cities without these rentals services electric scooters can be very cost-efficient and provide ease of transport as they travel at high speeds and they can park just about anywhere out of the way of traffic.


Onewheels are a different style of the electronic skateboard. However, instead of four wheels underneath a platform, they consist of one large wheel with a platform built around it. This allows for much more maneuverability, as the large wheel also provides a very versatile vehicle that can travel most terrains and even mud without difficulties. It also comes standard with lights to provide another level of safety, as you will be easier to spot and can see around yourself with more clarity. It does have some drawbacks, as the Onewheel is not meant to ride for long trips. It is also an awkward shape to carry around in comparison to some of the lighter and flatter electric personal transportation vehicles.

The WalkCar

This device is a small laptop-sized platform with four wheels that can carry a person a short distance. As the device is small and lightweight, it is very easy to take with you as you travel about. This device also allows quick movement over short distances with decent speed and mobility. It charges with a USB for on the go charging at most locations. However, as it is small, it does have problems with more difficult terrain and even struggles with holes and cracks in the ground where its wheels might get stuck.

Electric Skates

Electric skates are dual platforms that you stand on, with each being roughly the size of a foot. Once activated, the skates start to carry the driver forward with a speed of roughly 7.5 mph. The biggest benefit of the electric skates is their weight and size, in addition to being quite small and weighing very little. This means that electric skates are very easy to pick up and take with you everywhere. They fit in most bags and allow for some of the easiest and most mobile movement on short trips. However, it is important to note that they are not made for prolonged trips and only last a bit of time before needing to be recharged.

These are just a few of the types of electric personal transportation vehicles that you might have an interest in learning about. There are quite a few other kinds of electric rideables that may also interest you. Just know that despite the differences between the vehicles, they are still a worthwhile investment due to the freedom they can provide in transportation and the money they can save you on gas or fees.

9 Types of Electric Personal Transportation Vehicles

22nd Dec 2020 Neda Afaque

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