Benefits of using an Electric bike

Benefits of using an Electric bike

One of the most surprisingly positive discoveries that people have made during the COVID-19 lockdown is the joy of not using the car every day. Indeed, if there’s one thing that self-isolation has demonstrated is that people still have the power to impact the environment on a daily basis positively. However, as the lockdown regulations relax around the world, the need for commuting in town has come back. But that doesn’t mean you have to use your car. In fact, you might find that you can ride a bicycle in town for most short-distance journeys.

Bicycle rides are becoming increasingly popular in large cities, where the public and independent transport companies have introduced bike rental plans. Even Uber has implemented the JUMP, an electric bike-share that is controlled via the Uber app. So, it’s only natural that you might consider leaving the car at home while you head to town on a bike. But if you enjoy the bike share plan, you may be tempted to purchase your own electric cruiser bike.

Unsure whether an E-bike is the right thing? Here are our top 8 reasons why it is now the best time to start using an electric bike in your day-to-day life:

#1. An environmentally-friendly option

An electric cruiser bike is a low carbon emission choice. Compared to a typical fuel-powered vehicle that produces approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, the electric bike has a much lower CO2 emission. For comparison, environment research shows that replacing 14% of travel journeys with bikes and E-bike can lead to an overall reduction in 11% carbon emissions. In other words, riding an electric cruiser bike can lead to a significant reduction in air pollution levels in town.

#2. Save money

Be honest: How much do you spend on fuel for your car commute? Most people find that driving in town can be highly fuel-inefficient. The constant stop and go motion requires a high volume of fuel. Comparatively, it is less fuel-efficient to drive short distances in town than to take your car for a long drive in the countryside. If you are going to commute in urban traffic, an electric bike can save you a lot of fuel waste.

You can ride your E-bike on one battery charge for a distance of up to 100km, with a speed of up to 32k/h. The distance you can cover per charge will depend on the level of assistance you require.

#3. Boost your fitness levels

If you are nervous about conquering the distance with a bicycle, an electric cruiser bike provides the support you need to cover the kilometres regardless of your fitness level. A lot of people find it hard to start cycling regularly without training. However, with an electric bike, you can enhance your endurance and performance at your own pace. The electric motor makes fitness more accessible. Scientists also agree that riding an E-bike will have almost as many benefits as riding an ordinary bicycle, including muscle build, cardiovascular health, and metabolic boost.

#4. Welcome to the future

Contrary to common belief, the future isn’t the home of flying cars and self-drying planes. On the contrary, the future is focused on developing energy-saving, smart transport solutions. As such, the electric cruiser bike has earned its place in future-positive transportation. The E-bike is an intelligent design that combines affordability, environmental improvement, and health enhancement. Compared to electric vehicles such as cars, an electric bike offers a cost-effective and practical solution.

#5. Get there fast

If you thought that driving cars was the quickest way to travel in town, you need to reconsider. A car is more likely to get stuck in urban traffic. On the other hand, an electric cruiser bike can use the cycle path, which has fewer traffic issues than the usual road. Rush hours on the cycle paths are not something that cyclists are used to seeing, which means they can get to their destinations faster.

Additionally, riding a bike gives you more itinerary options as you can make the most of bike-friendly tracks to avoid busy roads. Besides, you’ll find it a lot easier and quicker to park your bike than to look for the nearest car park in town.

#6. No flat road? No problem

We get it. You may be happy to ride a bike, but you’ve never signed up for an uphill ride. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a flat street in town. So when you find the path too challenging, you can rely on the electric motor for assistance. For an occasional cyclist, hills and steep terrain can put a lot of pressure on the thighs. While it’s great for a workout, if you’re riding to work, you don’t want to arrive sweaty and in pain. Assistive pedalling through the battery can make your commute a lot easier without eliminating the health benefits of riding!

#7. No red tape

When you drive a car, you need to plan for the whole registration process for a new vehicle, license plates, and insurance. In most countries, an electric cruiser bike is perceived by the law as a bicycle. It means that you don’t have to worry about the administrative side of vehicle ownership. Your E-bike doesn’t need any insurance cover, registration paperwork, or even license plates. You are ready to go as soon as you get the bike!

#8. Elegant vehicles

E-bikes come with a range of colourful, sturdy, and stylish frames designed for performance and comfort. The bikes are lightweight despite their functions. They make an elegant first impression on the cycling path.

What to consider when buying an electric cruiser bike?

We’re excited to introduce the second generation of ENVO electric cruiser bike. Light, performant, and fully street-legal, the ENVO D35 - 500W is sustainable, reliable, and easy to use. For many customers, it is another step towards making the world a little greener. Why not make it a lifestyle journey that can transform both you and the planet?

Any questions? Unsure which ENVO model is right for you? Call 1.888.407.4997 to talk to our team. We’re here to help.

6th Jul 2020 Neda Afaque

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