Best Electric Bikes for Uber Eats in Canada (Reviewed & Tested 2024)

Best Electric Bikes for Uber Eats in Canada (Reviewed & Tested 2024)

Posted by Smart Wheel on 28th May 2024

E-bikes are becoming the go-to choice for Uber Eats and other food delivery riders across Canada. The increasing demand for food delivery services compels courier companies to prefer using electric bikes for their efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Modern times are raising the popularity of electric bikes for their ability to travel through urban environments and reduce delivery times. Therefore, finding the right EBike can significantly impact a courier's efficiency and earnings. If you are a seasoned delivery rider or considering joining the industry, choosing the best eBike for Uber Eats is an important decision for maximizing your productivity and earnings.

Our team of experts and I have reviewed the basic requirements that must be present in the electric bikes for food delivery. We have also explored the top eBike brands and their models available in Canada, considering their performance, battery life, backstand, and overall suitability for food delivery. By examining these factors, we aim to provide valuable insights to help couriers select the most suitable electric bike or scooter for their UberEats deliveries in Canada.

Our Top 5 E-Bikes to Become an UberEats Ninja

You can check the following models of electric bikes optimized to deliver maximum performance, the best Off-Road commuting, and customization according to the rider’s needs. These products also meet the basic requirements for riding on Uber Eats with improved safety features while providing the overall comfort of the ride.

Here are some top bikes recommended for you when looking to provide services for Uber Eats:

1. ENVO D50 750W Step-Over Electric Bike

You can look for the ENVO D50 is a very strong and powerful electric bike. It can be used for commuting to deliver food around the city because it can also carry lots of stuff. The D50 has a tough frame that allows it to go on different types of surfaces, like smooth city roads or bumpy dirt trails. It has a really strong 750W motor that makes riding feel effortless. The lightweight frame presents easy handling along with a sleek design presenting a perfect outlook.

Highlighted Features

  • D50 handles any ground and expandable cargo capacity.
  • Premium parts ensure safety, and durability after quality checks.
  • Lightweight tough aluminum frame which is comfortable for all heights.
  • Adjustable suspension, and tires for a smooth stable ride anywhere.
  • Integrated lights provide visibility, safety in low light.
  • 48V lithium battery, eco-friendly transportation alternative.
  • Hydraulic brakes, Shimano gears for optimal performance, and reliability.
  • Sealed components, maintenance-free motors, and hassle-free 20,000km

2. ENVO ST50 750W Step-Thru Electric Bike

The ENVO ST50 is a very powerful electric bike that is great for taking food items with considerable weight. The ST50 has a strong frame that makes the ride comfortable. A 750W motor gives the bike lots of power and makes riding feel very easy. The ST50 has a big rack and basket to place the bag on it and travel distances with ease. A special mode unlocks extra power of 750W and a top speed of 45 km/h for off-road riding.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable Build: Strong metal for food delivery demands.
  • Smooth Ride: 80mm suspension for comfortable ride over bumps.
  • Reliable Braking: Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping.
  • Easy Handling: Wide 680mm handlebar for easy traffic.
  • Efficient Motor: 48V/750W motor for hills and distances.
  • Long-lasting Battery: 48V Lithium battery for extended shifts.
  • Smooth Shifting: 9-speed gears for efficient terrain changes.
  • Convenient Features: Rear rack, kickstand, fenders for utility.
  • Safety First: Front and rear lights for night deliveries.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Color display, app linking for monitoring.

3. ENVO D35 - 500W Electric Bike

You can look for ENVO D35, a high-quality electric bicycle made in Canada by ENVO Drive Systems. This version of the e-bike combines strong power with a long travel distance. It can go up to 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge. Unlike other e-bikes, the ENVO D35 is lightweight but still looks good and is comfortable to ride. When you turn off the electric power, it feels like riding a regular high-quality hybrid bicycle. The electric assistance just gives you an extra boost with a comfortable ride on the roads.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful Performance: Powerful 620W motor, 36V battery, easy city ride.
  • Smooth Ride: Suspension fork, alloy frame, comfortable rough roads.
  • Reliable Braking System: Hydraulic disc brakes, precise stopping in any weather.
  • Easy Handling: 27.5" tires, 8-speeds, alloy handlebar, smooth traffic handling.
  • Convenient Features: Battery lights, carrier, kickstand, convenient deliveries.
  • Long-lasting Quality: Stainless spokes, sealed bottom bracket, long-lasting.
  • User-friendly Display: LCD panel, assistance levels, battery monitoring.
  • Ready to Roll: 85% assembly, ready to ride out of the box.

4. Taubik Soho 2.0 - 500W 27.5" Step-Thru Frame eBike

Introducing the new Taubik SOHO 2.0 bike. This bike is great for driving Uber Eats and getting groceries around town. The latest version has better brakes, a big color screen, and lights in the front and back. This model has a modern look and is very practical, making it the ideal bike for delivering food in the city.

Highlighted Features

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Reliable brakes, any weather, low maintenance, control.
  • Step-Thru Frame: Easy food delivery because of convenient design.
  • Lightweight Design: Movable, lightweight aluminum, durable acceleration.
  • Pedal Assist Technology: Motor assists hills, smooth ride, and travel comfortably.
  • Specifications: 265 lb max load, 10Ah battery, 19.8 mph max, 43.5-68.35 mile range.

You can also consider these Electric Scooters for Food Delivery Services:

5. Mukuta 8 600W Motor Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

The Mukuta 8 is a new kind of electric scooter that will make your rides much better. It has special features that make it stand out from other scooters and makes every ride exciting. The Mukuta 8 is perfect for Uber Eats delivery because it can cover long distances on one battery charge. It can easily carry insulated food delivery bags. The folding design makes it easy to store between deliveries. The high speeds get orders there fresh and fast. It pays for itself quickly with all the delivery money you can make.

Highlighted Specifications

  • Impressive Range: 70 KM range, won't run out of battery.
  • Speedy Delivery: Up to 38 KM/H speed, fast deliveries.
  • Easy Monitoring: LED shows speed and battery.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Turn signals, side lights, visible day/night.
  • Smooth Ride: Adjustable suspension, smooth ride.
  • Reliable Stopping Power: Electric brakes provide reliable stopping power.
  • Built to Last: 8-inch solid tires, durable on any surface.
  • Water-Resistant: Water-resistant, rain won't slow you down.
  • Compact Design: Folds compactly for storage.
  • Charge Up Quickly: 8-hour max charge time before the next drive.

6. Mukuta 8 Plus 600W Dual Motor Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

The Mukuta 8 Plus is a new electric scooter that makes commuting easy. It has great features that make it distinguished and give you an amazing riding experience. For Uber Eats delivery in 2024, the Mukuta 8 Plus is the best electric bike. Its strong motor and long battery life are perfect for deliveries. It's small and easy to move around busy city streets, so you can do more deliveries faster. It also has a big storage area to carry multiple orders at once. The comfortable seat and smooth ride make it easy to go over bumpy roads. You can use the GPS and connect your phone to easily follow directions and track orders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extended Battery Life: Powerful 48V 19.2AH removable battery, double range with extra battery.
  • Impressive Range and Speed: 70 KM range, 47 KM/H top speed for getting to places quickly.
  • Advanced Monitoring: LED display, turn signals, daytime lights for visibility.
  • Comfort and Safety: Adjustable suspension, reliable electric, and disc brakes.
  • Durable and Stable: 8-inch solid tires, stable on different surfaces.
  • Foldable Design: Folds for easy transport and storage.

Things to Consider When Selecting an eBike for Uber Eats:

There are some key factors that a buyer must consider when planning to purchase a bike for UberEats. The following presented factors were also used to test the above mentioned list of bikes.

  1. Battery Life: The battery should last long enough for a full day of deliveries. Choose a bike with a range of at least 40-60 km on a single charge.
  2. Cargo Capacity: The bike should have a basket or carrier to hold food and drink orders. Make sure the cargo space is large enough for multiple orders.
  3. Durability: The bike should be tough and built to withstand daily use. Look for a bike with a strong frame and puncture-resistant tires.
  4. Speed: An electric bike with a high top speed can help you make deliveries faster. Select a bike that can reach speeds of at least 25-32 km/h.
  5. Comfort: Comfortable saddle and handlebar position for long hours of riding. Consider suspension for a smoother ride on rough roads.
  6. Weather Resistance: The bike should be able to handle rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Make sure to have some features like fenders, waterproof components, and grip tires.
  7. Safety Features: Bright lights, reflectors, and bells/horns for visibility and alerting pedestrians. You should choose a bike with disc brakes for better stopping power.
  8. Cost: Electric bikes can be expensive, but consider the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance.