Choosing a Hoverkart for Your Children

Choosing a Hoverkart for Your Children

The hovercar has been a staple of science fiction for decades, and probably since the first Model T rolled out of the Ford factory. Futurists have long dreamed of cars with anti-gravity propulsors or powerful magnets in place of tires. Despite many predictions and much effort, it remains just out of reach with the current state of technology, industry, and society.

On the plus side, we can at least be glad that the hoverkart not only exists but is available and accessible to the public. Despite the name, it is not actually capable of hovering off the ground. With that said, it does provide a new means of getting around, and it can be a great deal of fun — especially for children. If you want to treat your children to a sci-fi dream come true, check out our guide to choosing a hoverkart for them.

What is the Hoverkart?

By now, you must be familiar with the hoverboard. In this context, the term does not refer to that other classic sci-fi element made popular by Back to the Future Part II. It instead refers to the self-balancing electrical scooter that took the world by storm just a few years ago. This personal transporter became a meme among kids and teenagers, who enjoyed the luxury of riding around while barely moving a muscle.

The hoverboard was notable for its unique riding system, which more closely resembled the Segway than traditional scooters and bicycles. People control their speed not with pedals, but with leaning. Rather than steering with their hands, they shifted direction by shifting weight between their feet.

Not everyone could get onboard with this system. Some find the controls too confusing, while others just prefer something simpler. Others still are physically incapable of standing so rigidly for long periods. In 2016, when the trend was truly taking off, a team of inventors asked, “What if we could use the hoverboard to power a go-kart?”

They answered this question by creating the hoverkart. This easily attached accessory resembles a three-wheeled go-kart without the back tires, whose place is taken by the hoverboard itself. There is no steering wheel, either: you steer by shifting in your molded and adjustable seat. Riders can rest their legs on the swivel caster, hold on to the handlebars, and take it for a spin.

Choosing a Hoverkart

Ever since the initial invention of the hoverkart, other companies saw the potential and sought to tap it themselves. Now, you can find a wide assortment of hoverkart products out there, and all of them will claim to be the best. We decided to round up only the best of the best, so you can whittle down your options and get excellent quality no matter what. Here are a few that we consider to be stand-outs.

Smartkart 3 Pro

The Smartkart 3 Pro is one of the most popular hoverkarts out there, and its status can be attributed to its greatness. If we could pinpoint an exact reason, it could be because it is designed so that just about anyone can use it. For starters, the length of the frame can easily be adjusted. People of any height can get comfortable in that sculpted bucket seat.

Moreover, the accessory’s creators recognize not just the variety in human users, but also the variety in hoverboards. These scooters can have wildly different designs, and some hoverkarts’ attachment systems may fit one model but not another. In an effort to not exclude anyone, the creators instead use Velcro straps, which can stretch to accommodate any hoverboard. The philosophy behind the design of the Smartkart 3 Pro is not “one size fits all,” but rather “one product fits all.”

Ninebot Electric Gokart

Segway innovated the personal transporter with its signature namesake scooter in the early ‘00s. Now, it is hardly the only company in the industry, so they have had to compete and diversify their products. Among them is the Ninebot, a small transporter that resembles a hoverboard with a stick in the middle for holding. They also offer an accessory designed specifically for the Ninebot, converting it into a hoverkart that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

This specialization may shut out other hoverboards, but it does take full advantage of the Ninebots capabilities. Riders can use the Segway app to adjust settings, including three different modes for different riding experiences. They can also check their battery, which can take them between 9 and 12.4 miles at full charge. They can also see their top speed, which can reach a whopping 15 mph. With the Ninebot Electric Gokart, the future is here.

Smartkart 4 Drift

Some people like the idea of taking a hoverkart for a pleasant ride around their neighborhood or a park. Others, particularly the younger and more hot-blooded, want to go fast on their hoverboards without fear of falling over after hitting obstacles. Others still want to do more than accelerate — they want to drift, like characters from the Fast and Furious films.

The Smartkart 4 Drift, another member of the Smartkart family, is designed for all of these uses and more. Users looking for relaxation can find comfort in the frame, which differs from many other hoverkarts by elevating the body far above the ground. The accessory uses the full power of the hoverboard, reaching unusually high speeds for such scooters while letting them sit back and relax. Most uniquely of all, the wheels and controls enable users to drift, making it distinct from all hoverkarts.

Get Your Own Hoverkart Today

The hoverkart is an astonishing piece of technology, drawing from the innovations of the hoverboard to create a new and thrilling experience. It may not lift off the ground, but it can definitely liven up your children’s day — and your own, if you can get a turn.

Smart Wheel is excited to offer only the best of the best hoverkarts to the masses. Our selection includes all the models described here and more. Visit our website today and take a look for yourself.

7th May 2020 Neda Afaque

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