A Decade of Electrifying Journey: Marking our 10th Anniversary

A Decade of Electrifying Journey: Marking our 10th Anniversary

Smartwheel is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Many words come to mind when we consider how far we've come and all we've accomplished — challenging, satisfying, surprising, and humbling. But one thing strikes out in particular after such hard work: Let’s Party.

We are grateful and honored to be in our current position. It takes a lot of hard work and probably even more luck to turn an idea into a thriving business. So many excellent ideas never get the chance to bloom, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to Smartwheel’s success, especially our customers and stakeholders. Without each and every one of you, none of this would have been possible and with this heartfelt gratitude in the core of our hearts, we want to give back to our customers and offer great discounts on almost all products, so that nobody is left out in this wave of electric future of personal transportation. You can save 5% to up to 22% on all main items. That's how we party!

The company has been in the Personal Electric Transportation (aka electric micro mobility) industry for a decade and during this time, it has grown to become one of the leading industry trendsetters and forerunner onestop outlet in the market.

Our success is due to the customer-centric approach and commitment to innovation, customer service, and wide range of products for all age groups within the personal transportation. That's why we say “There is a wheel for Everyone”.

In addition, we offer good value for the price and a wide variety of options in many price points so that everyone can afford whatever their needs are.


The company was founded in 2012 with an idea to reduce congestion on the road, by means of promoting personal transportation for short distances in conjunction to utilize public transportation for longer distances. We had foreseen being revolutionary in the personal transportation industry in the last decade by providing our customers with a seamless buying experience via e-commerce and brick and mortar locations as well as dealer location in major cities making sure that our customers are always happy and receive the utmost highest level of sales and after support services.

We have seen a lot of changes and gone through a lot of challenges since the inception of our business, but we have never lost sight of our original mission: to make sustainable transportation more accessible and affordable for everyone.

In these 10 years, we have expanded our catalogue to include electric bikes / mopeds, electric unicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, e-skateboards as well as a wide range of accessories and parts to provide better support now and after.

We are a company that specializes in all electric personal transportation and celebrating our 10th anniversary is no less than a feat. We have been working hard to make the world a better place by providing eco-friendly transportation. We've made it our mission to help people commute more easily, and live more sustainable lives.

The Way Ahead

We're only getting started after a decade for a new beginning. Our valued customers drive everything we do at Smartwheel, from feature improvements to new products. And we'll keep listening and engaging with our customers as we work to make Smartwheel a full service one stop experience for everyone.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you - our customers, partners, employees, and all of the Smartwheel believers. Without you, none of it would have been possible.

Go Green Go Places!

Let’s make planet more greener and sustainable together

3rd Jun 2022

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