Electric Scooter vs. Electric Skateboard: What To Choose

Electric Scooter vs. Electric Skateboard: What To Choose

Personal electric transportation vehicles are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Between their ease of use and their small environmental impact, it is easy to see why. Whether you are looking at an e-skateboard for sale or an electric bike, trying to decide which one to get it can be quite hard. Here we are looking to compare the electric scooter vs. electric skateboard and what to choose.

The Usefulness

It is hard to exactly quantify the usefulness between the scooter and the skateboard, as they both fulfill different needs. The electric scooter is a bit faster than the skateboard, but they are both more than fast enough for local travel. When it comes to ease of use, the electric scooter wins out over the skateboard. This is because it does not require the same amount of balance and it has handles that help you control it. A foldable electric scooter takes up about as much room as an electric skateboard, but the electric skateboard is also lighter than a scooter. This means that it is easier to carry around when you are not using it.

The Price

Scooters have been popular for a lot longer than electric skateboards. This means that they have a cheaper price as they have more variety and are more common. A mid-tier electric scooter will cost you less than a mid-tier electric skateboard. That is not to say that electric skateboards are worse, though, as they have been gaining popularity for the last few years. You can expect their prices to drop as just as the electric scooters have.


It is easy to say that electric scooters are more popular than electric skateboards by far. However, the skateboards are generally seen as the cooler of the two rides, and there is even an electric skateboard sport out there. This creates a tight-knit community, as people generally connect over riding electric skateboards, also creating a subculture. This unique community is something to consider when choosing between the two. That is not to say that people who drive electric scooters do not have connections too. The image of electric scooters has also started to change and become “cooler” as well.

I hope that we have helped you answer your question of “electric scooter vs. electric Skateboard: what to choose?” There are some other things that you might worry about as well, such as maintenance and the legality of the two vehicles. It is safe to say that the differences between these two options are minute and should not create a large difference in experience. Remember that there is no objective fact on which one is better, and that your preference is dependent on your needs and wants that will determine which one is correct for you.

15th Jan 2021

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