​Electrify your Ride with the Fastest EUC - Veteran Lynx

​Electrify your Ride with the Fastest EUC - Veteran Lynx

Posted by Laiba Fatima on 30th Nov 2023

Do you appreciate the combination of power, speed and control? Look no further, Veteran has you covered with the latest addition to its lineup, the Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle. Building upon their existing range of racing-class electric unicycles, the Lynx stands out as the ultimate upgrade. Designed for riders in search of range, acceleration and torque, all packaged within a compact electric unicycle.

Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle

Specifications of the New Veteran Lynx EUC:

Now we look into the unique features of Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle

Top Speed/Free Spin:

Veteran Lynx stands out as the fastest electric unicycle available in the market. It has an incredible freespin top speed of 125 km/h, it sets a remarkable standard for electric unicycles. When in use with a rider, it still delivers a top speed of 100 km/h.

Battery and Range:

Equipped with a 2700 Wh battery, the Lynx EUC achieves a maximum range of 160 km. This allows riders to travel carefree, knowing they have a substantial distance covered on a single charge.

Toque, Speed and Motor:

Coupled with high speed, the Veteran Lynx also offers substantial torque, particularly on challenging terrains. Featuring a 3200 W motor, the Lynx gives a peak performance of 8 KW.

Stability and Commanding Control:

Benefiting from a 20-inch tire, riders enjoy stability and control across various surfaces with the Lynx. Distinguishing itself, this electric unicycle has 36x 200V/140A MOFSETS in its controller.

Suspension and CST Street Tires:

90mm of functional suspension travel, customizable suspension modules allows the rider to tune their Lynx electric unicycle in accordance to their requirements. It is also equipped with Kenda K262 and CST C6501 street tires, giving it the best traction possible for the outdoors.

Comparison to Predecessor EUCs:

The Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle represents a significant upgrade over both the Veteran Sherman-S and Veteran Patton in several ways. With its 20-inch tire, the Lynx offers enhanced stability for diverse terrains compared to the 18-inch tire on the Veteran Patton. Regardless of its larger size, the Lynx manages to be lighter than the Sherman-S, thanks in part to its design featuring battery panels and a magnesium alloy assembly.

Power, Performance and Acceleration Upgrade:

The motor stands out as the highlighted feature of the Veteran Lynx Electric Unicycle, surpassing the Sherman-S and Patton with its 3200 W motor, outclassing their 3000 W motors. Speed is the essence for many riders, and in this regard, both the Sherman-S and Patton offer a top speed of 70 km/h to 80 km/h, while the Lynx takes the lead with an impressive 100 km/h, providing a thrilling ride for those looking to push their limits.

Powerful motor, unmatched performance and traction with a lighter built, the Veteran Lynx electric unicycle has changed the perspective of traveling on electric unicycles. It beats all its previous models and brings in the best of best for the riders in order to enjoy the rough and challenging outdoors with amazing speed, precise control and maximum power. So if you are seeking for more power, Veteran Lynx EUC might just be the front runner.