How a Self-Driving Suitcase Works

How a Self-Driving Suitcase Works

Electric suitcases are truly one of the best inventions for traveling. They not only function as normal carrying cases but as scooters—they’re a ridable, hands-free option. Plus, the luggage cases can act as backup batteries for phones and feature speakers for music depending on the design. Even with all these intuitive designs, it can be a bit difficult to figure out how a self-driving suitcase works exactly, so we hope to tell you right here and now.

Ridable suitcase

A rideable electric suitcase is not all that different from an electronic scooter. They have wheels on the bottom that receive a charge from the battery. The wheels then turn automatically due to a motor, which propels the ridable luggage forward. There is also a handle design like the handlebars on a regular electric scooter. The basic idea is to sit on the suitcase with the wheels on the ground while using the handles to help steer. The handle can extend to a height similar to the height of a normal scooter.

Smart following suitcase

Smart suitcases are a very different breed from a ridable suitcase. The design is very similar to a typical suitcase with the ability to drive itself without any need for you to carry it. It accomplishes this feat by utilizing a motor that can drive it along your side as you walk. Different designs drive themselves in different ways; some require special bracelets that the suitcase can follow, and others just seem to go. These suitcases use special sensors to detect their surroundings and can plot a course to follow, all while avoiding obstacles. All this culminates in smart luggage that can follow you without a problem, and if anything does happen, it can alert you to the problem.

Now that you know how a self-driving suitcase works, you should be able to choose the right one for you. There is one thing to remember—when it comes to these suitcases, you can always just pick them up or pull them. So there really isn’t a downside to having an electric one.

5th Feb 2021

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