Introducing Begode ET Max - The New High-Performance Fast Speed EUC of 2024

Introducing Begode ET Max - The New High-Performance Fast Speed EUC of 2024

Posted by RK on 12th Jan 2024

Begode, the leading manufacturer in electric unicycles, has recently announced its latest addition to the high-performance EUC lineup - the ET Max. This electric unicycle has set the bar even higher, boasting an impressive 168 volts and a top speed of 112mph. In this blog post, we'll delve into the specifications, design features, and pose some critical questions about Begode's latest release.


  • Top Speed: 112MPH free spin (real-world weight will vary)
  • Battery: 3000WH
  • Motor: 4500W Tile High Torque Motor
  • Peak Voltage: 168V
  • Suspension: 130mm of travel
  • Tire size: 20”
  • Controller: 8 parallels 48 Mosfet 1,200A

The ET Max is set to dominate the high-performance market, aiming for speeds that reach an astonishing 112mph. With a 168-volt architecture and a powerful 4500 w motor, Begode is clearly targeting speed enthusiasts and racers. The inclusion of a smart BMS, Samsung 50S or 50GB battery cells, and 48 MOSFETs in an 8p configuration adds layers of safety and performance to this sleek electric unicycle. 

Aestetic Design Evolution

Aesthetically, the ET Max marks a significant design upgrade for Begode. Featuring sleek lines, an all-black exterior, and a CNC chassis, this wheel is a visual masterpiece. The low-sitting battery box, while enhancing the design, raises questions about potential obstacles for adventure riders. The promotional pictures suggest a street tire, signaling that the ET Max is tailored for street and racing enthusiasts.

Ingenious Motherboard Design

The ET MAX's motherboard is a masterpiece of engineering ingenuity. Boasting 48 MOSFETs and the latest tenth-generation main control MCU, this upgrade elevates overall performance. The result is a seamless and responsive riding experience, where every movement is met with precision and control.

Specialized Firmware for Every Journey

Adaptability is key, and the ET MAX understands that. Tailored firmware for both Racing and Off-Road modes ensures versatility. Engage Off-Road mode for superior climbing and jumping capabilities with boosted torque. Switch to Racing mode for heightened speed and customizable maximum speed settings, offering a ride personalized to your preference. 

Adjustable Suspension for Comfortable Riding Experience

Embark on a journey of comfort and control with the ET MAX's enhanced shock absorber. Featuring a larger 150mm spring, reinforced piston shaft, and rod, coupled with adjustable bi-directional damping, this unicycle guarantees a smooth, responsive ride. Whether you're racing, jumping, or exploring off-road trails, your comfort is the priority. 

Safety Features Beyond Expectations: Safety is paramount, and the ET MAX goes above and beyond. Linear adjustment of tilt-angle shutdown protection ensures stability during varied terrains. Motor blockage protection adds an extra layer of security, preventing potential issues. Stable firmware upgrades ensure a reliable ride, surpassing expectations and instilling confidence in every journey.

Unanswered Questions: Balancing Speed and Practicality

The remarkable speed of the ET Max raises questions about its practicality. Will riders truly take advantage of such high speeds regularly? The weight, rumored to be around 100-103lbs, adds another dimension to the conversation. How will this weight impact the riding experience at such breakneck speeds?

The blog also speculates on whether the ET Max incorporates waterproofing, addressing a common concern with larger Begode wheels and their performance in the rain. These unanswered questions leave room for anticipation and further exploration as enthusiasts eagerly await real-world testing.

Target Audience: Racing Enthusiasts Await Testing

Top racers in the EUC world are reportedly holding off on adopting the ET Max until comprehensive testing is conducted. Safety remains a top priority, especially with the significant technological advancements and unprecedented speeds. The blog emphasizes the adjustment period that typically accompanies new technological leaps and highlights the potential reduction in cutouts on the race circuit due to the 168v system.

In summary, the Begode ET Max aims to revolutionize electric unicycles with its high torque speed and striking design. While riders eagerly anticipate real-world testing and seek answers to lingering questions, the ET Max emerges as a thrilling and groundbreaking addition to the realm of high-performance EUCs in 2024.