New ​Onewheel GT S-Series: Faster, Lighter and Lower!

New ​Onewheel GT S-Series: Faster, Lighter and Lower!

Onewheel is back with a new electric skateboard called the Onewheel GT S-Series. This skateboard is built for performance and has some exciting upgrades. In this blog, we’ll break down the key improvements in speed, weight and comfort that make the Onewheel GT S-Series standout.

Onewheel GT S-Series recognizes how important your mode of transportation is and proves to be the most intelligent option as your personal transportation. Upgraded with more enhanced features, it fulfills the requirements of individuals across the spectrum, from beginners to experienced riders


Now we will explore what the new model offers to its riders

Faster than Preceding Mode

The Onewheel GT S-Series gets a big speed upgrade with its new 113V power system. This means it can go faster, climb steep hills easily and handle strong winds. Making it faster from Onewheel GT.

50% More Voltage

This skateboard now has 50% more power compared to the older models. It results in quicker acceleration, stability at high speeds and the ability to tackle steep hills like a champ. We’ll explain how this extra power makes a difference.

Onewheel GT S SERIES

Treaded Tires for Better Traction

Onewheel GT S-Series has11.5 x 7.0-6.5 inches treaded tires, which gives a better grip of the road or the surface on which you are traveling. This results in elevated traction.

Move More with Maximum Range

Constantly on the go? No need to worry anymore, because the Onewheel GT S-Series has a great range of 50 kilometers, allowing users to cover substantial distances on a single charge. Also this model provides the best range as compared to other models.

Onewheel GT S SERIES

Efficient Motor for High Speed

Motor is the key when it comes to power and speed. The 750 W motor on this sleek onewheel is impressive as it gives the rider a better experience. These S-Series also come with steep climbing features, so say goodbye to slow ascents and enjoy the high-speed precision.

Battery Management System

BMS is one of the highlighted areas of the Onewheel GT S-Series. It is basically a battery management system which protects the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, resulting in more efficient functioning.

Lower and Light Weight

The Onewheel GT S-Series has been redesigned to be lighter and more efficient. This upgraded model is 2 lbs lighter than Onewheel GT. It also provides a lower riding experience with footpads that show refined concave shaping, rounded edges and a 24mm tall kick at the back. The lower ride gives more control to the rider.

Responsive Handling and Control

Onewheel is exceptionally user-friendly, and GT S-Series offers a much smoother and comfortable journey as compared to Onewheel GT. Its fast and responsive controls lead to exceptional handling. This means anyone new to riding a Onewheel can hop onto the GT S-Series and have an amazing experience right from start.

Customize Your Ride

Onewheel GT S-Series gives the rider an option to customize their ride through the application. The rider always has the option to add more accessories to their skateboard for further customization.

Onewheel GT S-Series

The Onewheel GT S-Series is not your ordinary skateboard; its built for performance and adventure. The upgraded model is a sports version, providing higher speed and better range as compared to the previous models. Improved speed, lighter design and better control are the highlights of the new S-Series.

So whether you are commuting through the city, exploring off-roads or simply seeking some adrenaline, the GT S-Series delivers it all to its riders. So what are you waiting for, enjoy your rides with the improved, updated and faster Onewheel GT S-Series and discover the freedom of movement like never before. 

4th Nov 2023 Laiba Fatima

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